Carbon frame manufacturers Allied Cycle Works have launched the new Echo All-Road Bike, tuneable for road and gravel riding. Tune-able? Yes! You can adjust both the geometry and tire clearance on this frame via flip chips at the dropouts, converting it from a bike that goes fast on the tarmac, to a bike that goes fast on gravel. Here’s how it works.

Allied Cycle Works Echo

allied cycle works echo all road gravel bike midnight blueWhen we think of All-Road bikes, we tend to think of a road bike frame that simply has above average tire clearance. You simply swap out your slick tires for some higher volume knobbly ones and boom, you’re ready for a gravel adventure. The Allied Cycle Works Echo is no ordinary All-Road bike, however.

allied cycle works echo flip chip chainstay length adjust

By virtue of a flip chip at the fork and rear wheel dropouts, this carbon frameset can actually transform from a flat out road racing machine into a gravel grinder. In the road geometry, chainstays are short at 415mm, permitting clearance for up to 30mm tires. Similarly, the fork length is shortest at 368mm.allied cycle works echo long dork position gravel tires 40mm

With the chips flipped, the gravel geometry gives you a chainstay length of 425mm and a fork length of 378mm. Now, you have clearance for up to 40mm tires. The taller front end slackens the bike’s geometry by 0.5°, putting the head angle at 72.5° and the seat tube angle at 73° (size large).

allied cycle works echo road gravel geometry

The Allied Cycle Works Echo is available in sizes XXS-XL. The road position gives a slightly longer reach than the gravel position, spanning a range of 372mm to 409mm. 

allied cycle works echo stem integrated cables stealth routing through headset

A highlight component of the Echo is its fully integrated stem. Designed in tandem with the fork, it completely conceals cables while still using a standard headset. It works with a growing list of handlebars designed with integrated cables in mind.

The cables run into a channel on the top of the stem which is concealed by a combination face plate-top cap and through the steerer tube. The headset adjustment is moved from the traditional position at the top of the stem to a threaded portion on the bottom of the stem that effectively increases the steerer clamp length to provide headset preload, much like a threaded headset.


allied cycle works echo stem faceplate top cap integratedThe Echo stem comes in five sizes from 90mm-130mm in 10mm increments and is a -6 degree. As with the Echo frameset, the stem is made in the Allied Cycle Works factory in Bentonville.

allied cycle works ech all road bike colin strickland custom green

Pricing & Availability

allied cycle works echo all road gravel bike redEcho Rival AXS Complete: $6,430 (USD)

Echo Force AXS Complete: $7,900 (USD)

Echo Red AXS Complete: $10,575 (USD)

For complete information on the build specs, head to the Allied Cycle Works website.allied cycle works echo carbon frame head


  1. luddite on

    Am I the only one for which Allroad=All-year=fenders? So many otherwise great bikes fail due to lack of fender mounts. (I’m looking at you Cervelo).

    • Andrew on

      You have a point – but with the number of great aftermarket options available now that don’t require traditional mounts, I think the manufacturers could be forgiven for omitting them?

      • luddite on

        I haven’t found any great options without mounts, and many are likely to mess up the paint too. Some subtle hidden mounts is a much better solution.

  2. Hexsense on

    Careful pedaling through corner in road mode if you use long crank. 77.5mm bb drop don’t give you much ground clearance.

    • Andy Tetmeyer on

      Running 32mm tires? They’re not just wider, they are taller too. Your pedal to ground clearance will be the same as running 25 tires with a 70bb drop. Running 40s? Then that’s going to be like running a high bb (62 drop) on your old road bike with 25 tires. Give me 80 or more bb drop on a modern clearance frame any day. The cornering is much better that way.

      • Hexsense on

        “Road mode … permitting clearance for up to 30mm tires”. No, don’t use 32mm tire in road mode. I mean 25-30mm tires, the road race sizes.
        Not “All road” size like 32mm+.

        Also, tire grow in width more than height, especially when people who use big tires at lower the tire pressure which squeeze a lot.

        • Andy tetmeyer on

          Both brands that I have measured grow equally in width and height as size increases. Also when you measure the squeeze it is not very different until the psi range passes a 35 psi difference from your high psi skinny tire to your lower psi wider tire. At a 35 psi difference you will see 2-3mm more drop with the lower psi wider tire.

  3. Gary on

    I like the stem concept, but the execution is a little chunky looking. Seems out of place on this otherwise elegant frame.

    • Marc on

      Agree about the stem, that really stood out on this otherwise great looking bike. All it needs though is a headset cap that makes a gradual transition from the top of the head tube to the stem. I’m kind of surprised they missed that.

  4. King County on

    I see some comments on the stem. It is fine to me, but if they create new spacers to better suite the profile of the stem/frame, then it will look better without having to redesign a stem.

  5. Dolan on

    When I was living in the PNW it was definitely a dealbreaker for me if a bike didn’t have fender mounts, but I realize most people buy “fair weather” bikes.


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