There was a lot to see this past weekend in Emporia, Kansas. As the gravel racing world descended on the small town for a return to gravel racing through the Flint Hills, bike companies used the opportunity to show off some new products. For Schwalbe, that meant the launch of the new G-One R gravel race tire.

Schwalbe G-One R Gravel Tire Dan Cavallari

Spotted and photographed by Dan Cavallari, the tire features an all new “boomerang profile for the best uphill traction and ideal rolling behavior.”

Schwalbe G-One R Gravel tire tread pattern

Built on their new Super Race carcass which offers their most supple ride, the tire claims to also provide low rolling resistance and high puncture protection. The tires also include their V-Guard puncture resistance layer and Addix Race rubber compound for speed and control over all surfaces.

Schwalbe G-One R gravel tire

Currently only offered in 700c x 40 or 45mm sizes, both models feature their ‘Transparent Skin’ sidewalls and use a folding, TLE tubeless bead. Claimed weights are given as 480g for the 40mm and 520g for the 45mm tire, with pricing listed as €69.90.


  1. patrick on

    I want to be excited and I sure liked the gen 1 G One in 38/40, but I can’t imagine that this tire doesn’t fling rocks at people behind you as bad as or worse than a GK. The last updates have been a step in the wrong direction for rolling resistance according to BRR. I would love to be wrong on both though.

    • Paul S. on

      I got over 1000 miles out of my Gen1 Allrounds, maybe over 1500. That was 50/50 gravel and pavement. The rear tire was worn slick in the center from spinning out on gravel climbs before I retired them.

      • Matthias on

        That *is* about three rides for some people 😉
        Seriously, 1600k isn’t much at all in my book. I’m not sure how much I have on my Conti Contacts by now but it must be well past 4000k. OK, it’s almost slick to begin with and has seen maybe 30% gravel but still.
        Just got a pair of G1s to try out once they lift the lockdown.


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