We’ve loved the Jaybird Vista earbuds since they launched a few years ago, taking them on plane rides, car rides, and bike rides. They’re comfortable, ultralight, and with the included charging case, we could basically get a full day of use from them.

For cycling, they work independently, letting us run just one ear to maintain situational awareness while still enjoying high quality sound and an excellent lack of wind noise. Our only complaint was that they’re sonically opaque…meaning, they block out nearly all outside noise.

jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds closeup details

Now, the Jaybird Vista 2.0 solves for that and does so much more to make them the best headphones for cycling and sport…

What’s new on the Jaybird Vista 2.0 earbuds?

jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds shown in black and white

In a nutshell, the audio capabilities have increased and improved, usability is better, and they’re more “Earth Proof” than ever. Here’s the bullet point list of new features:

  • Ambient sound amplifier
  • Active noise cancellation
  • In-ear sensor
  • Even more waterproof and durable
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Improved “Find My Earbuds/Case” features
  • Improved Sport Eargels for custom fit

Let’s start with the sound. The new Vista 2.0 gets 6mm drivers for big sound, but also adds four external microphones – two per side. These exterior microphones serve two purposes. The easy one is better, clearer phone calls thanks to beamforming that focuses pickup on your voice while ignoring other noises.

jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds closeup details in its charging case


They’ve also added a new WindDefense fabric cover for the exterior, which reduces wind noise when using them to talk while moving fast. Which is good even if you’re not making calls while riding or running…they work with voice assistants like Siri and Hey Google, too.

The other is what they call SurroundSense. Where the prior models physically blocked outside noise thanks to their secure fit, these new buds allow you to amplify ambient noise so you’re more aware of your surroundings. For cycling on the road, or jogging in a crowded space, or even just working out in a gym, this is a game changer for both safety and not being a you-know-what.

jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds being worn by a female athlete

To change between Open, Closed and Off SurroundSense modes, just double tap either ear bud. Turning it off will save battery life, and likely block most outside noise simply by plugging your ears.

The ear sensors detect when the buds are placed in your ear, and when they’re removed. It will then auto-pause your music when you remove one or both from your ear, and automatically resume playing when they’re reinserted.

jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds app with equalizer controls

Those 6mm drivers on the new Jaybird Vista 2.0 provide rock solid sound, and you can customize it with the company’s app’s EQ. Change the settings, and the earbuds remember it even when they’re not connected to the app.

They come with three sizes of silicone eargels so you can fit them to your ears. We’ve found that they hold tight while also being comfortable, and it doesn’t look like they’ve messed with the design for v2.0.

They’re pretty much everything proof

jaybird vista 2 wireless earbuds closeup details of waterproof construction

Vista 2.0 earbuds are “military grade” tough, which they call Earth Proof and makes them impervious to anything you’re likely to throw at them. Or throw them at. They’re IP68 rated, so you can submerge them for 30 minutes and they’ll be fine.

The case is IP54 rated, so more splashproof and sweatproof…but it’s now wireless charging compatible and has more LEDs on the outside to give you a better sense of the charge level.

They’re so small… won’t I lose them?

Probably, but only for a few minutes. The original had a “find my bud” feature. Now, that feature works even better, and there’s a “find my case”, too.

In the app, you can choose which bud (left or right) you want to find, and it’ll show on a map the last place it was used while connected to your phone…and it’s connected pretty much anytime you’re listening to something. You can do the same for the case, too.

You can also ping the buds if they’re within Bluetooth range and make them start beeping so you can listen for them…great for when you swear you set them down on the desk but now they’ve disappeared.

Jaybird Vista 2 specs & pricing

Here’s the rest of the tech specs on these new sport earbuds:

  • 24 hour total battery life (with 3x full charges from the case)
  • 8 hour ear bud life standard
  • 6 hour ear bud life with Active Noise Cancelling turned on
  • 5 minute quick charge = 1 hour listening time
  • 2×2 Mic beamforming
  • 6mm milled driver
  • 4 mics
  • In-ear detection
  • IPX8 + MIL 810G (earbuds)
  • IPX4 (case)
  • Colors: Black, Nimbus Gray, Midnight Blue

Available now for $199.99, you can get them direct and on Amazon.



  1. adilosnave on

    Do they feature touch/tap capability like the Airpods where you can simply touch it to make it skip forward a song? That’s a must-have feature. If so, I’d consider these as a replacement for my aging first-gen Airpods that have the battery life of a fruit fly.

  2. None Given on

    I know one thing, folks wearing IN EAR are simply fools. I do not care what brand. Far too often (off road) there are idiots blasting their tunes who are tuning out realities around them. I do appreciate music, for me, the only option is bone conductive at reasonable volumes so that I can be aware of those around me. I guess for being a selfish jerk – I am not that selfish on the trails (or roads).

    • Anon on

      That is where ambient sound amplification (SoundSense by jaybirds marketing) comes in, it amplifies outside noise and plays them to you, while still playing music so you can hear your surroundings.

      This is not a jaybird exclusive feature as well. Airpods pro, Jabra, Sony, Bose all have earbuds with an ambient sound passthrough mode.

  3. mateo on

    Unfortunately there is a massive problem getting Jaybird to connect to Garmin watches. Beware if you’re expecting to use that combination.

  4. Tom on

    I’m curious about the amplification of ambient noise. What I want is ear buds that will allow me to play music softly, cancel wind noise, yet allow me to hear road noise from the bike, cars etc. I believe that wind noise may be a contributor to hearing loss over the long term.

    • Anon on

      From what I have read, jaybird has different levels of wind reduction whole using ambient sound amplification (low, moderate and high), however, as wind is not consistent it can frequently amplify the wind instead of blocking it even if wind reduction is set to high.

      However, if this is a well documented issue, I don’t doubt it will be something addresses by a software update.

  5. Chris on

    I’m a big fan of listing to music when riding alone. But only in my right ear so that my left ear is open to listen for cars (when on the road) and other riders (when on my mountain bike). Stay safe and courteous folks.

  6. Joenomad on

    I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of bone conducting headphones. They leave your ears open so you can hear approaching cars, etc. You still get wind noise but that is not a problem unless you are going real fast, again not a problem for this guy. I was going to upgrade to in-ear buds that allow ambient noise in, but I didn’t want to continue with trial and error.

  7. Gary Taylor on

    Riding with earphones just seems so dangerous on the road. On the trail, it’s not much better at you are oblivious to others.


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