Bicycle Sun Shade proposes to add a UV-resistant canopy to your bicycle, attached via a clamp at the seat tube. The company tells us it is “virtually designed to fend off sun damage without weighing down your ride”. They also say it does not act as a sail, does not put the rider off balance, and does not obscure the rider’s view of the road ahead. Here’s more.

Bicycle Sun Shade

bicycle sun shade yellow canopy

The canopy is made of a lightweight mesh material, designed to protect the rider from the elements; whether that be the scorching heat of the mid-day sun or the deluges of monsoon season.

It has a universal fitment, clamping to the seat tube of just about any bicycle; it is said to be easy to attach and detach. We don’t have a claimed weight for the contraption but the company does say it is lightweight and portable, with an adjustable, foldable design.

bicycle sun shade blue canopy

The Bicycle Sun Shade does come with a number of warnings; it is not to be used in windy conditions, it is not to be used for mountain biking or stunt riding, and riders should take care to keep an eye out for low hanging objects. They also say it is not designed to replace a helmet, though we note their promo video features cyclists riding without one.

Pricing & Availability

The Bicycle Sun Shade is available with a blue or yellow canopy and retails at $119 USD.


  1. js on

    There are just so many things to say… especially as a 6’4″ rider. But I’ll go with “does it come in an Eeyore cloud version?” Halos and thought bubbles might be cool too, especially if the thought bubble was ‘where in the world does it rain straight enough that this thing could keep you dry at any speed?’

  2. AJ on

    The sun shine sometimes(always?) contain UVB especially in equator.
    UVB is very skin damager.
    Anyone here never feel monsoon climate?
    I live in equator with tropical and dusty, hot, and humid climate. it is very common in my area when people go out around 12:00-14:00 using umbrella. the sun really annoying around that time.
    people in my area will no regret buying this sunshine blocker. despite the astm rating.
    it is just like a nice decent jacket for winter. nothing weird about this.


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