Looking to make the already affordable carbon FFWD Drift gravel & RYOT aero road wheels even cheaper, Fast Forward has added a stiffer new Two/One hubset option for each. Dropping almost 20% off the price of each wheelset, the new hubs are said to better transfer pedal & disc brake forces for bombproof reliability on or off-road.

FFWD Two/One hubs make gravel & road wheels more affordable

FFWD Two-One affordable 2-1 hubs make carbon Drift gravel and RYOT aero road wheels more affordable, hubset


In itself, 2:1 spoke lacing isn’t at all new. In fact, even the original FFWD Drift gravel wheels that launched last summer used DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs with twice as many spokes on one side as the other. But FFWD’s own chunkier Two/One hubset promises to deliver all the same performance benefits at a fraction of that premium DT cost, while adding just 105g in total over the slimmer 240s.

FFWD Two-One affordable 2-1 hubs make carbon Drift gravel and RYOT aero road wheels more affordable, front cutaway

The new FFWD Two/One hubset of course gets its name from the 2:1 spoke layout – 2x as many spokes on the driveside in the rear to transfer pedaling input forces to the rim, and 2x as many spokes on the disc side up front to transfer its higher braking forces to the rim. Add in a larger hubshell with bigger & better-sealed bearings (compared to DT 350s), and the result is much stiffer, more responsive wheels with still relatively low spoke counts.

FFWD Two-One affordable 2-1 hubs make carbon Drift gravel and RYOT aero road wheels more affordable, rear cutaway

The new Two/One hubs feature 24 straight-pull spokes laced 2x front & rear, and they get a 36T ratchet (DT Swiss-style, since their patent expired) for quick & reliable 10° engagement. The centerlock hubs feature tool-free endcaps set up stock for 12mm thru-axles (12×100 & 12×142 standard), but QR & 15mm front endcaps are also available separately. The new hubs are available with Shimano HG, SRAM XDR, Campagnolo old & N3W freehub bodies.

Drift Two/One affordable carbon gravel bike wheel pricing

The new FFWD Drift Two/One gravel bike wheels sell for 1400€, a drop in price of three hundred Euros over the original DT 240 EXP version. They still feature the same 24mm internal, 30mm external, 36mm deep hookless tubeless carbon rim as the original Drift.

FFWD RYOT Two/One affordable carbon aero road wheel pricing

The more affordable Two/One aero wheels sell for 1300€ in the 33mm deep RYOT33, 1400€ in the 44mm deep RYOT44, and 1500€ in the 55mm deep RYOT55. They still feature the same aerodynamically-optimized 21mm internal/30-31mm external hooked tubeless carbon rims as the original RYOTs.

Both newly more affordable Drift & RYOT carbon wheelsets with the new Two/One hubs will be available to order within the next week, direct from FFWD in Zwolle, The Netherlands.


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