Rotae Tech have released a clever set of tire levers that feature a bead clip to help riders install and remove some of the tightest fitting tires going. The two-pronged design helps you fit that final part of the bead by preventing the tire from prizing itself back out of the rim bed on either side of the portion you’re working on. Here’s more.

Rotae Tire Levers with Bead Clip

rotae tire levers with bead clip dh tyre leverWe really like the look of these non-traditional tire levers from Rotae Tech. They are injection molded from super tough 30% glass-filled Nylon 6, said to give the levers the superior strength and rigidity necessary for working with tight fitting tires such as those with a DH casing.


rotae tire levers bead clip tight tire bead installation toolSpecifically, it is the bead clip that catches our attention. It holds the tire in place during installation, freeing up your second hand to help slide the tire bead over the rim (see it in action below). If this proves strong enough, it will undoubtedly make the life of many a rider and mechanic much easier, particularly when installing tire inserts too.

rotae tire levers pad separator

The Rotae Tire Lever Set also doubles as a brake pad separator that also houses a Presta valve core removal tool, making this one of the most versatile tire levers on the market.

The levers are 130mm long and 30mm wide. The clip sits 26mm offset from the main body of the lever.

Pricing & Availability

rotae tire levers with bead clip tight tire installation tool

The Rotae Tire Levers are designed and manufactured in the UK and retail for £11.99 a set.


  1. Karl Haycock on


    Really sorry if you experienced an issue when trying to buy a set of levers. We have had a delivery from our manufacturer this afternoon, the levers are now back in stock!



  2. ap on

    You know who uses bead jacks? Those of us with arthritic thumbs. Even good technique requires some strength in fingers and thumbs that some days are hard to come by.

    • Paul D. Brubaker on

      totally agree. I’ve been sorry to have tubeless on my road bike as, with my thumbs, I can’t get the tire off if I have a flat. Wonder if these would work for road tubeless?

  3. cdn-dave on

    the schwalbe’s have a nice bead clip as well – definitely helped with a stubborn set of conti 5000s on ryde pulse rims

  4. Mic on

    Hate tight tires more than anything this promo video though is pretty deceptive it’s obvious that tire was super loose so really doesn’t show any performance or special benefits. Just a mechanic using tire levers same as any other .


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