A 1-year puncture proof guarantee for an inner tube? That’s unheard of. But it’s exactly what Tubolito is offering with their latest thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) wonder tube. Tubolito’s goal with the X-Tubo (SV Presta, Av Schrader) was simple – create a tube that couldn’t be punctured. On second though, that doesn’t sound so simple…

Tubolito X-Tubo City/Tour inner tube material

Like other Tubolito products, the X-Tubo City/Tour is made in Austria from a TPU material. It’s not clear if this is the same formula of TPU used in their other tubes, or if it’s something completely new – but it’s still orange.

More importantly, it means that the tube supposedly “can’t be punctured in everyday use.” They’re so sure of it, that they’re offering a 1 year warranty against punctures. What? Note that you have to register the tube within one month of purchase, and if you happen to puncture it (somehow?), they’ll send you a replacement for free.

Tubolito X-Tubo City/Tour inner tube weight

Additionally, the X-Tubo offers the same benefits of their other tubes meaning it’s lighter than the competition and claims to reduce rolling resistance by up to 24%. The 700c x 30-50mm tube with a 42mm presta valve weighs between 130-139g, and it’s also available in a 40mm schrader valve version.

Tubolito X-Tubo City/Tour inner tube package

Priced at $24.90 $29.90 per tube, the X-Tubo is certainly more than your average tube. But, the difference is less than it would cost to bring your bike into a shop to have a flat repaired. Not to mention, you get the added comfort of knowing you should be able to finish your ride without being stranded on the side of the road.



    • Zach Overholt on

      Actually, Tubolito had the pricing wrong on their website. So it is a bit more at $29.90 for the correct price.

    • Collin S on

      Its already available, in two different levels of protection. They have a lite and a regular version. Just click away on their website and you’ll find them.

  1. Fabricio on

    Well I punctured my two MTB Tubolitos tubes 300mts after a problem with my tires using tubeless, inflated properly at the pressure needed to finish my ride in a fire road and boom both failed, luckily there was a pair more of normal tubes in the group to replace them and reach to the car.

  2. Zdeněk Zeman on

    I have bought 4 x-tubos for my 2 touring bikes. After one day (120 km) came first puncture, after two more days I got three more holes. Yes, Greece is full of thorns, but in my experience, this tube is a crap. Plus the warranty does not work through their dealers, you can only use the replacement voucher to buy directly from their web and let it be delivered (not very useful in case of long distance touring). Only good thing is, that the punctures are “slow”.


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