There’s no stopping a tornado. But you can stop with a pair of El Tornado eeBrakes from Cane Creek. The latest in their pattern of limited edition colors, like most tornadoes, these won’t be around for long.

Cane Creek eeBrake El Tornado LE bridge Cane Creek eeBrake El Tornado adjuster Cane Creek eeBrake El Tornado pad carrier

Since 2017, Cane Creek has been releasing two limited edition eeBrakes every year. Historically, these have only been available for a two week order window, making them quite limited.

While rim brakes are certainly losing market share to disc brakes, those who still have a rim brake bike will find a super light brakeset with excellent stopping power.

Cane Creek eeBrake El Tornado brakeset

The El Tornado set includes a black and blue assembly with gold accents. Brakesets are offered in either standard or direct mount to fit most frames. Sold only in a set of two, the brakeset is priced at $680 which includes a set of carbon compatible brake pads, and orders must be placed by June 30th. Shipments will begin in July.


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