Scott bikes are on a fully integrated kick, and their latest 2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero carbon gravel bike is no exception. Lightweight, but calling it “the strongest carbon road frameset” they’ve ever made, the new Addict Gravel gets dialed-in as both more capable when riding off-road adventures, plus faster & more comfortable on the road.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero, integrated carbon gravel bike

While the Addict Gravel hadn’t really seen a major update since its adaptation from the cyclocross Addict CX version many years ago, it already had been a lightweight, versatile all-rounder. But even stable cyclocross geometry and generous CX tire clearances aren’t up to the current evolutions of gravel. So it was time to give the Addict Gravel a ground-up redesign.

Tech details – What’s new?

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike,

c. Scott, still life photos by Daniel Geiger & JAF photo

The most obvious update is a move towards aero road bike looks. Scott says that off-road capability & comfort don’t have to be at odds with on-road speed. So the new Addict Gravel inherits Scott-patented D-shaped aerofoil tube shapes & the D-shaped Syncros Duncan Aero SL Seatpost from the recently refreshed Addict RC road bike, plus even more dramatically dropped flat-top seatstays.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, internal routing

Integration is the next big aerodynamic standout, and the new Scott Addict Gravel goes fully internal with all its cable routing, snaking both mechanical & electronic shift lines and hydraulic brake hoses inside the headtube in front of the special 1.5″ headset.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, integrated Syncros X gravel bar

photo by JAF

The new integrated gravel bike also gets an all-new one-piece Syncros Creston iC SL X gravel cockpit mixing the aero road carbon bar & stem combo with gravel-friendly ergonomics.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, Syncros Creston X bar

photo by JAF

The 335g Creston iC SL X bar (100x420mm) features a generous 16° flare at the drops for off-road control (also +2° outward flare at the ends), 10mm longer drops, plus a thinned-out but reinforced section at the tops to allow for a smooth transition to thicker gravel bar tape and extra vibration damping, and a direct accessory mount that works with standard Syncros adapters to install a light, GoPro, or out-front GPS setup.

Scott always seems to be trying to push to make their bikes lighter than everyone else, but the new carbon Addict Gravel seems to have prioritized comfort & durability over absolute lightest weight. It’s still light at a claimed 930g (54cm HMX painted) for the frame & 395g (uncut) for the fork, but that’s about 75g heavier than the previous CX-inspired version. Scott says that comes through “clever layering and reinforcement” of the HMX carbon frame to get a “very light but also extremely durable frameset”.

All-new Gravel geometry

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike_Tuned.jpgdescending

photo by Sebas Romer

A light, aero, integrated bike isn’t truly gravel-ready until it gets gravel geometry, right? So the new Addict Gravel gets tweaked for wider tires, with a lower center of gravity, and more balanced rider position, in five stock frame sizes (XS 49 – XL 58cm).

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, gravel geometry

updated Scott Addict Gravel geometry

Designed to be well-balanced for improved control & predictability on or off-road, the new gravel bike gets longer frame Reach, longer fork rake, a lower bottom bracket to 71mm drop, and shorter stem lengths. That gives extra toe clearance and more nimble handling overall, but with more confidence when riding technical trails.


2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, Tuned HMX detail

And with geometry ready for everything, the Scott Addict Gravel adds more adventure-ready details. Increased tire clearance to 700c x 45mm tires goes a long way to getting further off-road. But it also includes hidden full-coverage fender mounts that let you still run up to 40mm wide tires and keep your feet and rear end dry while riding or commuting all year round.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, frameset

The new gravel bike also gets a standard suite of accessory mounts – two bottle cage mounts inside the main triangle with 2-position downtube bosses, plus a toptube bag direct mount and another cage mount in front of the bottom bracket. While the fork doesn’t have more mounts, Scott reminds us that the fully-internal routing also means no interference between cables and handlebar bags.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, derailleur hanger 1x 2x

The Scott Addict Gravel features a PF 86.5 bottom bracket, a relatively conventional external seatpost clamp for the proprietary D-shaped seatpost, an integrated X12 derailleur hanger, 12mm thru-axles, and flat mounts for 160/180mm front & 140/160mm rear rotors. It gets a removable braze-on style front derailleur mount for 2x drivetrains, that can be replaced with a simple chain retention device for 1x setups.

Scott Addict Gravel & Contessa Addict Gravel – Models, pricing & availability

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, Tuned

2022 Scott Addict Gravel Tuned complete

Five complete builds of the new Addict Gravel are available now through your local Scott dealer in two carbon layups – the top lightweight HMX carbon frame of the 8700€ Scott Addict Gravel Tuned with a full Red AXS group & carbon DT ERC wheels…

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, 10 complete

2022 Scott Addict Gravel 10 complete

…and the more affordable HMF carbon of the remaining gravel bikes – a 5700€ Addict Gravel 10 with Force AXS and a 2600€ Addict Gravel 30 with GRX mechanical. Both 1x & 2x SRAM eTap AXS wireless builds are available, plus more affordable mechanical Shimano GRX 2x builds.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, Contessa

2022 Contessa Addict Gravel 15 complete

The single 2600€ Contessa Addict Gravel 15 build features the same HMF carbon frame and Shimano GRX 2x mechanical build with women-specific saddle, narrower bar, and a killer Signature contours paint job.

Additional build options are also expected ‘coming soon’, and we expect much of the same integrated tech to trickle down to an updated alloy Speedster Gravel soon, as well.

2022 Scott Addict Gravel aero integrated carbon gravel bike, riding

photo by Sebas Romer


  1. Jim E on

    Big jump in TT length between the Medium and Large. Seems like a compromise either way for people around 5’10”- 6′ tall.

    • Seraph on

      As a 5’11” person with a short torso I’ve always had that issue with 56/L frames. I usually have to run an 80mm stem on 56s because I don’t want to run a 120mm stem on a 54. Also I need enough seat tube to accommodate my saddle height.

      • Rich on

        The reach is 10mm difference. The TT difference is bigger because the seat angle is different. As you would put the seat in the right place relative to the BB for you, its the reach that matters when comparing the sizes. Difference in fit of the L compared to the M would be 10mm shorter stem and 15mm less spacers. But youd get 10mm more toe clearance.

  2. Rod on

    Im also 5`11″ with long legs and arms and i prefer a longer stem on the smaller frame. Not only that i looks good, the handling is also better. At least in my opinion.

      • Dinger on

        Where does the idea that a shorter stem results in more accurate steering come from?

        It is popular and proven on flat bar MTB’s but those bike’s geometry are designed around that cockpit layout. Going short on a drop bar bike generally makes steering more vague, not more accurate.

        • Seraph on

          The farther your handlebar is from your steer tube, the less accurate your steering becomes. It’s pretty simple physics. Think about driving a sports car with a 10″ steering wheel vs steering a bus with a 16″ steering wheel. The smaller diameter wheel is going to steer quicker. Same as a smaller wheel accelerating faster than a larger one.

          • Robin on

            The definition of “accurate steering” depends on the rider. You shouldn’t confuse your preferences with those of others.

        • Hexsense on

          It’s not just the bar. But mostly the trail value etc.
          Racing road bike notoriously have low trail value. That twitchy fast handling need long stem to tame down the steering speed.

          On the opposite end, modern MTB have very high trail value. It’d be uttery hard and slow to turn if we fit long stem and narrow bar. So, wide bar give leverage, and short stem quicken the steering.

          On rough terrain, long bike+short stem work better than short bike+long stem. So BMC URS and etc. are made more toward MTB geometry than road. Their trail value are somewhere between 58mm of road bike and 90mm+ on MTB. They work better with long top tube and shorter than road size stem, but still longer than MTB size stem.

  3. Dirk on

    Go for an Ibis Hakka MX instead. The all road (and off-road) machine. Less weight, comfy sizes/shapes and light AF.


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