Want to carry more stuff on your bike but don’t have any more mounts? Wolf Tooth is once again coming to the rescue. Expanding on the excellent B-RAD Strap Base, the new B-RAD Everywhere Bases add the ability to run three bolt accessories for increased cargo capabilities.

Wolf Tooth B-RAD Everywhere base for three bolt accessories.

Wolf Tooth B-RAD Everywhere base three bolt

It may not look like much, but the silicone-backed hook-and-loop straps are surprisingly secure when cinched tight to your frame. The included EVA foam pads keep the aluminum bracket from touching your frame too, so if you decide to remove it in the future, there’s no damage to the finish.

The new Everywhere Base 3 adds a three-bolt adapter bracket to match up with popular accessories that use a ‘three pack’ mounting system. The kit includes shorter T25 Torx hardware to mount the accessories to the bracket, so the bolt doesn’t protrude into the frame.

The Everywhere Base 3 is priced at $29.95.

adding a bottle cage to a bike without mounts

Wolf Tooth B-RAD Everywhere base two bolt

Wolf Tooth will also offer the Everywhere 2 which is the same concept, just with two bolts instead of three. This replaces the original B-Rad Strap base, which I’ve used with complete success to add a top tube accessory bag to a frame that lacked mounts. Initially, I didn’t expect the Strap Base to be able to hold the bag in place without moving due to the amount of leverage on it, but Wolf Tooth proved me wrong with a rock-solid mount that wouldn’t budge.

The Everywhere 2 is priced at $24.95. Both are available now.

Tech Specs

Length: Everywhere Base 2 (10cm), Everywhere Base 3 (14 cm)
Weight: Everywhere Base 2 + hardware (38g), Everywhere Base 3 + hardware (50g)
Strap Length:  30cm (12″) can be trimmed to length as needed
Material:  6061-T6 aluminum brackets  |  EVA foam pads
Tools Needed: 
T25 Torx
Made in the USA



    • Zach Overholt on

      The original Strap Base had additional holes so it could also be used to offset the boss location, and was a littler narrower. Looks like the new Everywhere Base 2 has been redesigned to give the straps more grip on the adapter plate, and the plate itself is a little wider to offer better stability.


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