Summer riding & racing brings tons of new options for keeping the sun out of your eyes with several new pairs of sunglasses from Scicon, Limar, Sweet Protection, and Bollé. Getting a race debut on the Tour de France yellow jersey wearer are the shapely new Scicon AeroWing Lamon sunglasses, plus full-coverage Limar Caos/Argo/Theros shades, Sweet Protection Ronin Rig eyewear, and a Bollé Volt+ lens developed by artificial intelligence for improved contrast.

Scicon AeroWing Lamon sunglasses

Scicon AeroWing Lamon sunglasses, Tadej Pogačar Tour de France

photos c. Scicon & MET

Scicon calls their new AeroWing Lamon sunglasses “bio-inspired” with trailing edge slits said to mimic a feathered wing design to more smoothly move air from the smooth lens onto the side of the rider’s face. Being worn by current Tour leader Tadej Pogačar has certainly given them a prominent position in the pro road racing for the last couple of weeks, but also suggests they’re probably up for whatever speeds you’ll get to out on the roads.

Scicon AeroWing Lamon sunglasses, blue lens front

Scicon says the wing-like slits also help pull fresh air behind the lens to avoiding fogging, together with the two air scoops at the temples and four slit vents across the top of the lens.

Scicon AeroWing Lamon sunglasses, options

Made in Italy from a bio-based polymer, the AeroWing Lamon glasses are available in 5 frame colors, with 8 different SCN-PP True Vision lens options, and feature soft adjustable rubber nose pads. They retail for 180€ with mirrored lenses, 199€ with photochromatic lenses, or an extra 20€ for the matte carbon frame option.

Scicon AeroWing Lamon sunglasses, Tadej Pogačar Tour de France white jersey


Limar Caos, Argo & Theros sunglasses

Limar Caos sunglasses matte black blue

Limar’s new Caos sunglasses are designed more for off-road riders with a wide field-of-vision, 3/4 frame design, and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens protection. The flexible frame glasses feature a large rubber nosepad to help keep them in place over bumpy gravel roads or rough technical enduro trails, plus adjustable temples to dial in your fit.

Limar Caos sunglasses matte black red or blue lens

Limar Caos

The matte black framed Limar Caos sells for 100€ with either red or blue mirrored lenses, and includes an interchangeable clear lens & hard case, as well.

Limar Argo sunglasses matte black titanium gold

Limar Argo

More as an all-rounder, the full-frame 80€ Limar Argo sunglasses are a bit smaller and super light at just 26g. Again with a flexible, matte black ‘Grilamid’ frame, you can pick from three dark mirrored UV-protective polycarbonate lenses.

Limar Theros sunglasses matte black red

Limar Theros

Lastly, the Limar Theros shades are a set of lightweight affordable frameless sunglasses with wide coverage and good ventilation. Again the Grilamid arm tips offer adjustable fit over your temples & a grippy rubber nose piece attached to the polycarbonate lens. Pick from three color mirrored lenses for 90€.


Sweet Protection Ronin (Max) Rig eyewear

Using a modular design, Sweet Protection’s Ronin RIG performance cycling sunglasses are raced by Norway’s first UCI Pro team, Uno-X Pro Cycling.

Sweet Protection Ronin (Max) Rig sunglasses

Sweet Protection Ronin Max RIG

The semi-frameless Ronins are available in two sizes (standard or MAX) of the full-coverage, 2.2mm thick Toric lenses. Either size starts at 150€ in many frame & lens color options, or 190€ with polarized or 230€ with photochromatic lenses


Bollé Volt+ AI-developed high-contrast lens

Bollé Volt+ AI-developed high-contrast lens

Bollé has just launched what they call “the most technologically advanced high contrast lens” available. Their new Volt+ lens was developed using Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing for the simulated evaluation of 20 million different lens formulas to settle on a “color experience” that promises better contrast across a wide range of conditions.

Bollé Volt+ AI-developed high-contrast lens

Bollé Prime Volt+

The new high-contrast Volt+ lens is available in 15 different Bollé sunglasses styles, and you can even virtually try on a pair before you buy. Check out the $140 Bollé Prime Volt+ (above), $170 Lightshifter Volt+ 3/4 frame, or $210 Chronoshield Volt+ full-frame for good high-contrast cycling sunglasses options.


  1. Messy on

    I am obviously getting to old for cycling as I am really struggling to like this trend of successively larger and larger coverage area of the lens.

    • MiCk on

      more like full circle…I have a set of Factory Pilots, assorted Brikos, JT, and others dating back to the mid to late ’80s that beg to differ that this is a new trend

  2. CW on

    Riders were complaining about disc brakes being dangerous, but at the same time they’re happy to wear a cheese grater next to their eyeballs?


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