Farr’s new Arm Rest Kit isn’t their first go at bolt-on arm rests to extend the comfortable range of their tiny aerobar extensions. But this new setup was developed to be both lightweight and universal-fit, so they bolt onto any 31.8 bar whether you already ride with one of their Aero Bolt-Ons, Aero Gravel bar, Aero MTB bar, or some other wacky-shaped handlebar with a built-in front loop

Farr aero bolt-on Arm Rest Kit v2 forearm supports

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, top aerogrvl

The Australian endurance riders of Ride Farr are always looking for simple ways to ride farther, and their mini <100g bolt-on aero bar extension seemed like a good place to start, giving a slightly extended extension position to either flat or drop bar riders. But riders soon wanted even more support to hold that aero tuck longer, so they developed a set of armrests that bolted onto the Aero Bolt-On’s mounting brackets. Those were well-received, but limited to Aero Bolt-On users and with limited production numbers.

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, front low-profile

Now Farr have refined the armrest setup once more with a new lightweight, more modular Arm Rest Kit v2 that is much more adjustable and will add forearm support to almost any endurance bar setup.

Aero Tech details

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, top

all photos c. Farr

The trick to the more universal setup is a lightweight set of forged & CNC-machined 31.8mm bar clamps and adjustable L-brackets to support the simple alloy armrests. Mount them with Farr Aero Bolt-On mini extensions or on their own.

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, low-profile

Farr says they developed the low-profile and flatter alloy cup and 7mm thick EVA foam padding shape to offer ideal forearm support and comfort for gravel, bikepacking, and more mixed-surface endurance riding – as opposed to the more curved, cupped shape that dominates a lot of time trial or triathlon style armrests. It looks like this shape will allow riders to move their position around a bit more.

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, modular adjustability

For those looking to dial in fit, there seem to be plenty of options in both vertical & horizontal adjustment, mounted inside or outside of the clamps, in a couple of offsets, and positioning at or almost as low as your bar in some settings.

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, setup

The entire self-sufficient, universal-fit setup is claimed to weigh 222g (or even a bit lighter if you combine it with a Farr aero bar setup).

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 – Pricing & availability

Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 aero bar bolt-on arm rests forearm support, detail

The aero bolt-on Farr Arm Rest Kit v2 is available to pre-order now for $115 (USD) direct from RideFarr.com, with the first production batch shipping out to buyers in October 2020. The kit includes the two alloy armrest cups with pads and adjustable support brackets, plus both upper & lower clamps to mount them with Farr’s mini aero extensions or on their own.



  1. Involuntary Soul on

    get a full length clipon aerobar, they are so much better, i just the redshift QR one, you can take then on and of in seconds

  2. Joe on

    You might not need to take the weight off your hands if the bar hadn’t been made so stiff in the central area to begin with?

      • Joe on

        Aero benefits aside, this is an effective way to make a stiff bar and my point being that bar stiffness is a part of how long it takes for weight on your hands, vibrations etc to become a problem. I’ve ridden a couple of bars like this and the difference the brace and central section OS width can make is surprising.


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