Genuine Kashima Coat is probably not something you thought your bike rack needed. But the new Kuat Piston Pro X is not your average hitch rack. Building off their incredibly successful line of hitch racks, Kuat just dropped what could be the most exiting rack yet — the new Piston Pro X.

Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Rack with kashima coat

There’s a lot going on, but let’s start with why you would need Kashima Coat? When it comes to tray style hitch racks with uprights for both tires (aka 1up style), releasing the uprights with two hands while also trying to hold onto the bike can be a pain. To make a similar style rack that is easier to use, Kuat invented a OneTap Hydro-pneumatic tire arm which releases from the tire with one touch, automatically. That means your other hand is free to hold the bike as you press the OneTap levers which releases the bike.

Those OneTap Hydro-Pneumatic pistons are coated with Genuine Kashima Coat via an exclusive contract with Miyaki Co., for long term durability. You’ll also find Igus bushings at key pivots, “custom formulated Tiger Powder coating”, stainless steel hardware, and an “automotive grade 750-hour salt spray” on steel hardware for increased longevity.

Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Rack wheel adjusters

Don’t want to have to carry around tools to change your tire size? Us either. Fortunately, the FastFit tire chocks are tool-free and can be moved with one hand to fit 18-29″ tires, up to 5″ wide.

The rack is compatible with wheelbases up to 53″ without adapters or tools, and can support bikes up to 67lbs per tray. It’s even RV approved — but only up to 42lbs per tray.

Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Rack

The all-metal construction includes cast aluminum parts and a steel hitch. The Piston Pro X starts as a two bike rack, but 1 or 2 bike add-ons are available to carry up to four bikes. Not only that, but the QuickConnect system makes adding or subtracting trays super quick — Kuat claims the current record is 1m 27s.

hitch rack tilt to get into car

The Kuat Flatlock hitch cam keeps the rack tight in the hitch, and it’s lockable to keep it safe. If you want to tilt the rack up or down, the foot or hand actuated pivot makes it easy for the two bike model, and an end pull handle for the add-ons keeps the functionality.

Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Rack lock

To keep the bikes safe, a semi-integrated 12mm cable lock is included which locks into the top of the rack. It seems like the cable will need to be stored inside the vehicle, but the lock stays on the rack itself.

Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch Rack on car

And since bikes tend to obscure the vehicle’s tail lights, Kuat has added rear LED lights with a magnetic quick plug.

unloading bike hitch rack

To be available Spring of 2022, the top end Piston Pro X model will sell for $1389. But Kuat will also offer pared down models starting at $989 with fewer features. The racks include a lifetime warranty and Kuat’s legendary customer service.

● Holds 18”- 29” wheels, up to a 5” wide tire and accommodates a 53” wheelbase out of the box with no tools needed
● Two 67 lb bikes
● RV approved (42 lb max per bike)
● All metal construction with aluminum casted parts throughout
● Genuine Kashima Coat struts
● OneTap™ hydro-pneumatic tire arms – patent pending
● Seamlessly integrated LED lights with magnetic quick plug – patent pending
● One hand FastFit™ wheel chock adjustment- patent pending
● Foot or hand actuated pivot on 2 bike and end pull handle on one and two bike racks
● Flatlock™ hitch cam with built-in lockable install tool – patent pending
● Hitch lock and tamper resistant hitch cam for double rack security
● Semi-integrated industry leading ultra-high strand 12mm cable lock
● Stadium tiered tire trays for added ground clearance
● QuickConnect™ one and two bike add-ons – patent pending
● 10 year, no fade powder coat
● Stainless Steel and Automotive grade 750 hour hardware
● Automotive-style raised logo
● Over center ratchet arms for selective unloading
● Optional E-bike ramp accessory
● Lifetime Warranty


  1. Gillis on

    If you release the front wheel first it’s held up by the rear, and all you have to do is roll it out a few inches and lift out. This has been an easy and reliable process during my 10 years of 1up ownership.

    • fbhidy on

      Step through: yes (all other limitations met)
      Fenders: depends (most front fenders – likely yes, rear full coverage fender – likely no, short fenders not extending beyond the very top of the tire – maybe?)

  2. bmx on

    tis illegal to drive with registration plate obscured, better racks have a second plate fixing point and lights. this can’t be used on public roads

    • whatever on

      It is legal to drive with a bike rack that can obstruct plates in Arkansas. You don’t have to have a bike on the rack either. This is a recently passed law.

      • tech9 on

        You can thank your Waltons for those really nice bike laws there in AR. You guys also don’t have to stop at stop signs anymore (aka they can yield) and a host of other nice friendly bike laws. The rest of the nation does not have such influential people to build up such nice trails and influence politics/laws/zoning/real estate (mostly NWA) such as the Waltons do for you guys there.

        • whatever on

          I’m well aware of how this and other laws came to be. Also you can legally ride an ebiike anywhere bicycle is legal. So all mtb trails are ebike legal. And for those that will claim trail destruction from an ebike, that has not been the case. BY a LOOOONNNNGGGG shot, the most trail destruction comes from weather, tourist who ride in unsuitable conditions (remove closed trail signs among other things),, and locals who have it’s all about me attitude. This
          happens all the time combined with excessive rain/freeze/thaw etc.. .

    • Collin S on

      Technically it was illegal in Michigan but after a few high profile cases, bike law Michigan lobbied to get bike racks excluded including using one of my pictures of a local police car with a bike rack on it.

      The problem in Michigan, I could not figure out anyway to get a second plate to actually put it on my rack

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      I think the second plate thing is more of a European thing. Pretty sure you can’t display two rear license plates in the US.

  3. Leticia Montanez on

    I wonder how much the rack weights its self, I have the older Kuat and it is way too have for me to install by myself on my car. I would jump at this if I can put it on my car myself.


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