It seems like Adidas is in the middle of a rebirth when it comes to cycling. First it was the Road Cycling shoe. Then the Velosamba. Now, it’s time for something for the world of gravel. Appropriately named ‘The Gravel Cycling Shoes,’ the newest Adidas cycling shoe combines a sock-like mid-top with a walkable sole and lace up construction for an interesting look – especially if you get your hands on the colorway that won’t be available here.

Adidas Gravel Cycling Shoe color for Europe only

The wildly colorful Gravel Cycling Shoe shown above is only visible on Adidas websites outside the U.S., like That means that they won’t ship stateside, and your choice is black… or black.

Adidas gravel shoes reflective

But for those worried about visibility, at least the all black model includes reflective stripes and rear logo.

Adidas Gravel Cycling Shoes

Built from Primegreen, a mixture of “high-performance recycled materials,” Adidas claims that the upper consists of 50% recycled contend with no virgin polyester. The synthetic upper is reinforced and offers a regular fit with a lace closure, and a cuff that is designed to fit around the ankle to keep out debris and gravel.

Walkable outsole for gravel

The outsole is studded with round tread blocks somewhat reminiscent of the old Schwalbe G-One gravel tire tread design. Combined with a two bolt SPD compatible cleat pocket, the shoes should be plenty walkable for those times you have to dismount.

Gravel shoe with cuff

Available in “men’s” with an equivalent size listed for women’s, The Gravel Cycling Shoes are priced at $170 and available now in limited numbers.

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  1. mud on

    Too bad for stateside shoppers – I love the teal. Wonder how slippery the in step is – it’s good to have traction in that area. I’ve ridden gravel for years, with plenty hike-a-bike, and never got a stone in my shoe. If that cuff is neoprene it will be hot in summer.


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