It won’t be long before actual blizzards are in the forecast. To prepare, Rocky Mountain has a new Blizzard of their own. A Blizzard that is blowing in on 27.5 x 4.5″ fat bike wheels and an even more progressive geometry.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard hero

Rocky Mountain has been pushing the limits with fat bikes for years now, and the latest Blizzard looks like a continuation of that. We’ve seen 27.5″ fat bike wheels and tires creep their way into the fat bike world, and now the Blizzard is joining in—though it’s also still compatible with 26 x 5.0″ wheels and tires for those who prefer the most flotation over rollover improvements offered by the bigger wheels.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard 2022 geometry

Sold with a rigid fork, the frames are compatible with a 100mm travel suspension fork and 27.5″ wheels or up to a 120mm travel suspension fork with 26″ wheels. The Smoothwall Carbon frame has been lengthened and slackened with a 66° head tube angle, and 425-500mm reach numbers depending on the size.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard frame mounts Rocky Mountain Blizzard fork mounts

Depending on your needs, there are plenty of mounts for additional gear with two standard bottle mounts on the frame, two on the fork, a Bento Box mount on the top tube, a three pack mount under the top tube, and rack mounts on the rear.

SRAM UDH hanger

The frame is also SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) compatible which gets us closer to a universal standard with each new bike (one can hope). Additional frame details include a 100mm BSA threaded bottom bracket, and 197mm dropouts.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard 50

Rocky Mountain Blizzard Carbon 50


Rocky Mountain Blizzard 30

Rocky Mountain Blizzard Carbon 30

Offered in two builds, you’ll have a choice between the Blizzard Carbon 50 for $3,299, or the Blizzard Carbon 30 for $2,699. The 30 drops the price by eliminating the dropper post  and dropping the spec from Shimano XT 1×12 to Shimano Deore 1×12.


  1. silverlining on

    Could you elaborate on the benefits of this new relaxed (for a fat bike) head tube angle? I’ve been under the impression that slacker angles would increase the already exaggerated issue of self steer on fat bikes, which is why almost all manufacturers have stuck with steeper head tube geometry.

    • eeh3 on

      Slacker head angle means more “trail”. More trail means more steering traction. Yes, you can turn the handlebar easier the steeper it is, but are you steering without the traction?


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