Designed in collaboration with race car engineering firm Dallara and multi-time champion Fabian Cancellara, the new Selle Italia SLR Boost Tekno Superflow gets race-ready shaping and a remarkably light weight of just 95 grams.

And like most things to do with carbon and Indy or IMSA racing, it’s expensive. If you thought the new Specialized Romin Mirror saddle had a high price tag, get ready for some more sticker shock…

full carbon fiber selle italia slr boost tekno super flow road bike saddle shown from top

While it’s short on grams, it’s long on words. The verbose product name helps explain the tech behind it, though. The SLR series are some of their top racing saddles, with a light curve and a bit of a kick at the rear. Boost refers to the shorter design, with a wider rear section that helps get the rider into a more powerful pedaling position while still offering enough support.

Superflow refers to the larger central cutout, designed to remove any perineal pressure. And Tekno is just that it’s using mostly carbon, in this case only carbon, to form key elements of the saddle.

full carbon fiber selle italia slr boost tekno super flow road bike saddle shown from side

“I have always believed in the technological development of our products and we are now enjoying an excellent partnership with Dallara that has led to the creation of this new saddle,” says Giuseppe Bigolin, CEO of Selle Italia. “The SLR Boost Tekno Superflow saddle showcases the all-Italian drive towards the technological growth of cycling.”

It’ll be available in two sizes:

  • S3 – 130x248mm – 95g claimed weight
  • L3 – 145x2348mm – 96g claimed weight
fabian cancellara holding the new full carbon fiber selle italia slr boost tekno super flow road bike saddle

All photos c. Selle Italia

“It was a great pleasure to work with Selle Italia in developing this high-performance product,” says Fabian Cancellara. “As a former professional athlete, I know what professional riders need and I am very proud to have added my contribution to the process of creating this ultra-lightweight saddle, made entirely of carbon, the result of the research and drive by Selle Italia towards increasingly advanced solutions in the cycling sector.”

Retail is €449, which likely means a $499 US MSRP.


  1. Astro Kraken on

    Reporting on a Selle Italia’s claimed weight isn’t very useful. They’re all 30% heavier. Honestly not sure how they can keep making false claims like that.

  2. An203 on

    For historical and personal reasons I do love the brand (started on Flite and used different SLR for years) but they are totally out of whacks when pricing those products. Berks is in the 100 to 200e less for those types of saddles with few more customization options and quite incredible feedbacks. For those prices you could go the Gelu path that are (proportionally) significantly lighter.
    In short, I am not seeing the compelling case to go the Selle-Italia route

  3. blahnblahblah on

    that saddle looks exactly the same as my 10+ year old slr so apart from the name nothing, saddles are more fashion than anything else, Dallara don’t do fashion


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