After years of waiting, NAHBS is set to return for 2022. Like many events around the world, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show ended up cancelling the 2020 edition due to the pandemic situation in Texas at the time. That pushed things back a year, but in February, hopes of a 2021 edition of the show were dashed with another painful cancellation for everyone involved. Now Don Walker, the show’s Founder and President, just announced plans for the return of NAHBS in 2022.

Now set to take place in Denver, Colorado, NAHBS will be held over September 23-25th. The show will be held at the National Western Complex, and any existing registrations for the 2020 Dallas show will be honored for the 2022 event. It appears that currently the NAHBS website below is down, so in the mean time you can stay up to date on the NAHBS facebook page.

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