A black bottle cage looks great, until it doesn’t. Slide a bottle in and out, and by the end of your first ride, the inside is worn down to the metal and it looks old and cheap.

The new Silca Sicuro titanium bottle cage with black Cerakote is neither old nor cheap, and it’ll stay looking as good as new for a long, long time.

Starting with their house-made Sicuro titanium bottle cages (which you can watch being made in our Silca factory tour), they add a Black Cerakote ceramic coating finish. Even though it’s only 1 micron thick, they say it delivers 100x the abrasion resistance, and it won’t scratch, chip, or fade even after 10,000 bottle insertions. Even better, they say it won’t mark up your water bottles either!

silca sicuro black cerakote titanium bottle cage

Coming in at just 32g, it has the same 21mm of fore-aft adjustment as their regular Sicuro bottle cages. They say it also has 1000x the corrosion resistance, which means this cage should probably last well past the 25-year warranty period. The coating also prevents surface scratching or notching, so it’s less likely you’ll wear down or fatigue the metal, too.

Retail price is $85, bolts are not included.



  1. KC on

    I can show you pics of ceracoated ti cages of mine that looked scratched after just a a few muddy rides. Although ceracoat is better than paint, it scrathes way faster than claimed.

  2. Lolito on

    Get a King TI cages, they are the original thing, the real deal, not this copy with vertical holes for the bolts, really smart idea that, just to have your cages slide down as soon as you hit 4 bumps…

  3. SpaceJunk on

    Water and a little bit of dirt/grit and ceracoat comes off pretty easily. I tried it years ago and it looked great until the first rain/mud ride.

  4. fr0hickey on

    Mud and water… grinding compound. Perhaps these water bottle cages are the ones you buy when you are not riding but want to show off your bike. Nothing wrong with that. There are lots of people that like to show off their things.


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