2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon goes more enduro w/ adjustable geometry and stiffer rear

In conjunction with the release of their all-new 130mm travel do-it-all, Mondraker have overhauled their enduro bike releasing the 2022 Foxy Carbon in three models. Still a 150mm travel 29er, the Foxy Carbon gets a new kinematic, a reinforced rear-end, a lower and slacker geometry that is now adjustable, as well as a MIND of its own; Mondraker’s proprietary and seamlessly integrated telemetry system. Here’s everything you need to know.

2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon

2022 mondraker foxy carbon rr

Mondraker fans needn’t worry. Despite that shower of updates, the 2022 Foxy Carbon still looks like a Mondraker. Thin profile drawn-out tubing gives the cleanest lines from headtube to rear axle giving the new frame a fine silhouette. The dual-link ZERO Suspension Platform is still responsible for delivering 150mm of rear wheel travel, though its now damped by a longer stroke shock said to offer a plusher ride feel as compared to previous models. We’re still waiting to hear back from Mondraker as to how the kinematic is altered.

The lower link has also been redesigned to optimise the stiffness to weight ratio. That change doesn’t come in isolation; the area around the bottom bracket, as well as the chainstays, has also been reinforced to increase lateral stiffness. On top of these improvements to the frame strength, geometry is updated too.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon rr geometry adjust lower shock mount

For 2022, the Mondraker Foxy Carbon gets adjustable geometry altered by switching the orientation of a chip on the lower shock mount. There are two positions; Standard and Low. Before we get into it, it’s first interesting to note how the Standard geometry differs from the fixed geometry of the previous generation Foxy.

2022 mondraker foxy rr geometry

The 2022 Mondraker Foxy RR (shown here) and R models are spec’d with a 160mm travel fork, while the XR gets a 170mm fork (all 44mm offset)

While reach and chainstay lengths are untouched, still ranging from 450mm on the Small to 510mm of the XL, all with 435mm stays, the BB now sits a little lower with a 25mm drop. That’s in the context of a slacker head angle, now at 65°. That lengthens what was already a long wheel base from 1236mm to 1253mm in Size Large. Improving standover, the seat tubes are now shorter across the board, with the biggest change seen on the medium frame which drops from 470mm to 445mm. 

2022 mondraker foxy carbon rr low geometry setting

Moving on, Mondraker say the Low setting offers increased grip, mid-corner and overall stability and poise at high speed as well as better weight distribution, performance and more active suspension behavior on the descents. So, what changes account for that difference? Lowering the BB by 10mm concomitantly increases the effective rear centre to 445mm. It also slackens the head angle by a further 0.5°, increasing the length of the wheelbase to 1260mm in Size Large while reducing reach by 5mm across the board.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon r rr geometry chart

The above discussion on geometry relates only to the Foxy Carbon R and Foxy Carbon RR models, both of which are spec’d with 160mm travel forks. The top-of-the-range XR model gets a 170mm travel fork, putting the head angle at 64.5° in the Standard setting and 64° in the Low setting.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon XR geometry chart

Foxy Carbon Frame Highlights

Regardless of the geometry you opt for, Mondraker’s MIND telemetry system is always on-board, collecting data from your rides to help you optimise your suspension settings. A sensor at the fork and a sensor on the Carbon Monobloc rocker’s central pivot gather data on suspension movement at a frequency of 100 times per second, sending it to the Cloud for you to analyze and plan how to tweak your setup.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon rr MIND telemetry sensors

Sensors on the fork and rocker measure the magnetic field from magnets positioned on the left fork lower and the frame’s main pivot, respectively

Originally available only on their Summum DH bike, Mondraker are slowly rolling MIND out to their shorter travel options with the new 130mm travel Raze the latest to benefit from the telemetry.

mondraker raze fidlock pocket water bottle mount

Like the Raze, the 2022 Foxy Carbon gets a recess in the downtube they’re calling the Fidlock pocket. The image on the top left shows how the frame is shipped with a plate for mounting a regular water bottle. The plate can however be switched out for a Fidlock mounting plate; the recess simply allows the mount to sit flush with the frame so that a Fidlock water bottle can sit lower on the frame, leaving more clearance for larger bottles. Mondraker will be selling branded Fidlock water bottles with the mounting plate.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon shock mud guard

The frame gets a bolt-on rear shock mud guard to protect it from trail crud kicked up by the rear wheel

2022 mondraker foxy carbon sram udh

The 2022 Foxy Carbon runs a SRAM UDH making finding a replacement much easier. A ribbed frame protector on the driveside chainstay protects the finish and keeps chain slap associated noises to a minimum.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon rr headset cable routing hhg

Cable routing for the rear brake hose, dropper seat post and derailleur is fully internal, entering the frame at the headset

Pricing & Availability

2022 mondraker foxy carbon r red

The 2022 Foxy Carbon R weighs a claimed 14.1 kg in size medium

The 2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon is available now in three models. The most affordable option is the Foxy Carbon R, retailing at £5,399. That gets  you a FOX 36 Rythm 160mm travel fork with FIT GRIP damper and a FOX Float-X LV Performance shock with a light compression and light rebound tune. Other notable spec include DT SWISS E1900 SPLINE wheels with DT 350 hubset, SRAM G2 R brakes, SRAM NX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain and OnOff Pija dropper post.

2022 mondraker foxy carbon rr blue

The 2022 Foxy Carbon RR weighs a claimed 13.4 kg in size medium

Next up is the Foxy Carbon R, sporting an Ohlins RXF 36 m.2 160mm travel fork and Ohlins TTX Air rear shock. This one is priced at £6,299. Other spec highlights include SRAM G2 RS brakes, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain with 10-52T cassette and OnOff components including the Sulfur Carbon 1.0 handlebar. 

2022 mondraker foxy carbon xr British racing green

The 2022 Foxy Carbon XR is available only in British Racing Green, with a claimed weight of 12.9 kg in size medium

The top-end Foxy Carbon XR will set you back £7,999. The main upgrades include the DT SWISS EXC1501 Carbon SPLINE wheelset, SRAM G2 RSC brakes and SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain with carbon crankset.


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