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2022 Trek Rail eMTB debuts RockShox AirWiz Suspension Sensors, goes longer and further

2022 trek rail 150mm travel emtb geometry adjust 29" or mullet
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Trek has overhauled their long-travel eMTB, updating the 2022 Trek Rail with a Slash-like geometry, mullet-ability, a bigger battery, and improved Bosch Smart System integration. On top of that, the bike debuts AirWiz Suspension, the latest addition to RockShox’s electronic arsenal.

2022 trek rail emtb airwiz suspension sensors

The 9.9 and 9.8 models of the 2022 Trek Rail are the only ones to receive these major updates to the frame, battery and motor, with the RockShox AirWiz suspension reserved only for the top-end 9.9; the Rail 9.7, 9.5, 7 and 5 models will carry forward the frame from 2021, with minor updates to componentry and colorways. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Trek Rail 9.9 and 9.8.

2022 Trek Rail 9.9 and 9.8 Models

2022 trek rail emtb 150mm travel

The 2022 Trek Rail is now, essentially, an eMTB version of their enduro race bike, the Trek Slash. A 160mm travel fork paired with a 150mm travel rear end makes it 10mm shorter in travel than the Slash, but the geometry overhaul stretches the Rail out to deliver much longer reach across the board, surpassing the figures boasted by the Slash even.

  S M L XL
2022 Trek Rail Reach (mm) 436 456 491 521
2021 Trek Rail Reach (mm) 420 445 465 495
2022 Trek Slash Reach (mm) 425 450 486 516

2022 trek rail 750wh battery

Many of the changes were made to accommodate the new 750Wh PowerTube battery that replaces the 625Wh battery seen on the 2021 models; a 20% Wh increase for improved range. The exception here is the small frame; it is too small for the larger battery so holds onto the 625Wh. On the 9.8 model, the small frame’s dimensions also render it incompatible with most water bottles, with the exception of the Bontrager Voda 15 444ml bottle. The small 9.9 won’t take a water bottle at all due to the clearance issues arising from the AirWiz module on the RockShox Super Deluxe Reactiv Thru-Shaft shock.

The 2022 frame retains the Mino Link, Trek-speak for a flip-chip located at the rocker-seat stay interface. This gives the bike two possible geometry configurations as a complete 29er, and it also allows the rear wheel to be swapped out for a 27.5″ wheel without messing with the bike’s geometry too much.

Rail Stock 29″ Configuration

2022 trek rail emtb longer geometry 150mm travel enduro emtb
Flipping the Mino Link to the high position will of course steepen that head tube angle and raise the BB height.

All Rail 9.8 and 9.9 frames will ship in the complete 29er config, with the Mino Link set to the Low position. That gives the bike a 64.6° head angle, just 0.3° slacker than the HA of the 2021 bike; barely worth a mention, really. More notable is the 77.1° effective seat tube angle, 2.1° steeper, seating the rider’s hips in a more powerful position over the bottom bracket for a more efficient pedal stroke.

2022 Trek Rail 9.9 and 9.8 Geometry Chart in Low (Stock Position)

  S M L XL
Reach 436.3 456.3 491.3 521.2
Stack 624.8 629.3 642.8 656.3
Effective Top Tube Length 579.2 600.2 638.3 671.5
Chainstay Length 446.7 446.7 446.7 446.7
Headtube Angle 64.6 64.6 64.6 64.6
Headtube Length 105 110 125 140
Effective Seat Tube Angle 77.1 77.1 77.1 77.1
BB Drop 27.1 27.1 27.1 27.0
BB Height 346.4 346.4 346.4 346.5
Standover 760.7 772.7 769.7 767.8
Wheelbase 1213.4 1235.5 1277.0 1313.4
Front Centre 768.0 790.1 831.5 868.0
Fork A2C 576 576 576 576
Fork Offset 43 43 43 43
Trail 129.6 129.6 129.7 129.7

Rail Mullet Configuration

The stock 29er won’t be for everyone, especially if you find yourself getting buzzed by the back tire on steep descents, or you feel the need for snappier cornering.

2022 trek rail mino link flip chip geometry adjust accomodate 27.5" rear wheel mullet configuration

If you do plan to mullet your 2022 Trek Rail, the brand strongly recommend you also switch the Mino Link to the high position. Why? To make up for the lower rear axle position, specifically the lower BB height and slacker angles that come with it. The switch to a 27.5″ rear wheel does still impact upon these measurements, however; you’ll end up with a 63.9° head angle, 76.4° seat tube angle, and a 336mm BB height, 10mm lower than the stock 29er.

2022 Trek Rail 9.9 and 9.8 Geometry Chart Mullet Configuration (High Position)

  S M L XL
Reach 428.0 448.1 483.2 513.2
Stack 630.5 635.2 648.9 662.6
Effective Top Tube Length 581.0 602.1 640.2 673.4
Chainstay Length 446.7 446.7 446.7 446.7
Headtube Angle 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9
Headtube Length 105 110 125 140
Effective Seat Tube Angle 76.4 76.4 76.4 76.4
BB Drop 27.1 27.1 27.1 27.0
BB Height 336.3 336.2 336.0 335.9
Standover 751.9 763.8 760.6 758.4
Wheelbase 1213.4 1235.5 1277.0 1313.4
Front Centre 768.0 790.1 831.5 868.0
Fork A2C 576 576 576 576
Fork Offset 43 43 43 43
Trail 135.4 135.3 135.1 135.0

In conjunction with these geometry updates, Trek has tweaked the OCLV (Optimum Compaction Low Void) Carbon frame to accommodate that massive 750Wh battery, also increasing the seat tube diameter to 34.9mm and enlarging the headtube to 1.8″ to enhance stiffness. Steering angle is also massively increased from 58° to 72° thanks to Knock Block 2.0. It is compatible with the infinite-radius chip but Trek recommend you do continue to run the Knock Block chip to protect the KIOX display. Which brings us to…

Bosch Smart System

2022 trek rail bosch performance line cx motor
The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is powered by a 750Wh PowerTube on the M, L and XL frames; the small only fits the 625 Wh battery

Trek boast the new Rail sees better-than-ever integration of the BOSCH Performance Line CX motor, with the bike, KIOX display and the Flow App on your Smart Phone. 

2022 trek rail bosch smart system led remote
Activate walk-mode using the Bosch Smart System LED Remote when you need a bit of assistance to push the bike to the top

A highlight of the new system is the new LED Remote. This is responsible for connecting the Rail eMTB, via Bluetooth, to the Flow App on your Smart Phone. That allows you to see a host of information about your ride, more than the KIOX display is able to show you, on the go. The Flow App works with 3rd party software too, so you can upload your data to Apple Health; Bosch are currently working on integration with Strava, Komoot and other popular platforms.

Via the Flow App, you can view and adjust the maximum speed, maximum torque, dynamics and support for each pedal-assist mode. As the software improves, you can receive updates “over-the-air” via the Flow App, so that your eMTB is always up to date.

bosch smart system kiox 300 display mounted to knock block of 2022 trek rail emtb

The LED Remote has five LEDs that let you know the charge status of your battery. These are color coded, so they also tell you what mode of power-assist you’re using. The updated KIOX 300 display now lacks buttons entirely; that’s because it is the LED Remote that switches between the different displays. This has made the system a little safer, as you now don’t need to take your hand away from the handlebar to flick through the different screens when looking for the ride info you want. 

RockShox AirWiz Suspension and TyreWiz 2.0

rockshox zeb ultimate airwiz sensor 2022 trek rail emtb

The 2022 Trek Rail 9.9 model is the first bike to benefit from RockShox AirWiz, a product that is exclusive to Trek. The ZEB Ultimate fork and Super Deluxe Reactiv Thur-Shaft shock both get an AirWiz module. Using a traffic light system, the AirWiz is designed to give the rider immediate feedback as to the air pressure of their suspension; like an automatic pre-ride check. 

2022 trek rail emtb airwiz reactiv thrushaft shock rockshox

From the SRAM AXS App on your Smart Phone, you can tell the AirWiz your desired air pressure range. If the fork or shock pressure sits outwith that pre-set range, the light will be red, indicating a top up is required. If the light is green, then you’re good to go.

This is not an integrated ShockWiz. Given SRAM’s ownership of the suspension setup device, however, we do wonder whether AirWiz will evolve into that. It certainly seems possible, given the capabilities of Mondraker’s MIND telemetry, though that uses magnetic field sensors, as opposed to air pressure, to measure travel usage.

tyrewiz 2.0 on bontrager line pro wheels 2022 trek rail 9.9 emtb

The 2022 Trek Rail also sees the debut of the TyreWiz 2.0, exclusive to Bontrager wheels. Like the AirWiz, TyreWiz 2.0 also makes use of a traffic light system. Pre-set your desired tire pressures in the SRAM AXS App and you’re ready to go. Again, green indicates your pressures are correct, while red indicates the need for a top up. The base of the device is shaped complementary to the rim of the Bontrager Line Pro 30 wheelset it sits on.

Pricing & Availability

2022 trek rail 9.8 gx axs
The 2022 Trek Rail 9.8 GX AXS

There are three models of the 2022 Trek Rail 9.8 featuring the Bosch Smart System; the GX, XT, and GX AXS. The GX and XT have a suggested retail pricing of $8,999.99 USD, while the GX AXS model with electronic gearing and Reverb AXS dropper post is priced at $9,999.99 USD.

2022 trek rail 9.9 xx1 axs
2022 Trek Rail 9.9 XX1 AXS

Only the 2022 Trek Rail 9.9 bikes get the RockShox AirWiz suspension; the 9.9 XTR retails at $12,499.99 USD while the XX1 AXS model will set you back an eye-watering $13,499.99 USD. 


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