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3T’s 1st Made-in-Italy eBike is new Racemax Boost Italia Integrale with No Visible Cables

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale fully
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Much lighter than ever, this new 3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale ebike takes all the Italian-made gravel style and new full cable integration from the latest Exploro Racemax Italia Integrale and adds upgraded Mahle power. The newest ebike in the 3T line-up is their first made in-house in their Bergamo, Italy factory. And it adds the smooth pedal-assist power boost of the well-known Mahle X-20 system to deliver a fast and lightweight gravel machine.

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale clearance
All Photos/3T

How lightweight?

The Project X super build comes in sub-11kg (24.25lb) in size 54 without pedals. That’s a full kilo and a half lighter than the last generation we tested a couple of seasons back!

What is the 3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale gravel ebike?

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale fully

The 3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale is the ebike version of the 3T Exploro RaceMax. This model is the second generation of the 3T RaceMax Boost (reviewed here). The updated frame boasts entirely internal cable routing and optimized aerodynamics. Plus — it is 3T’s first ebike manufactured in its Italian facility.

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale power

For those unfamiliar, the Racemax is a 3T’s aero gravel race machine, focused on race performance and efficiency. The 3T Exploro Racemax frame takes a practical gravel look at aerodynamics. The 3T engineering team even incorporated larger gravel tires into the overall aero picture, gifting the bike more real-world performance.

The new frame now boasts super-clean cable routing that dovetails with 3T’s latest stem, the ‘More Integrale’. The separate stem and bars are still highly adjustable, allowing easy changes to cockpit height and length without cutting and replacing brake cables. To learn more about the 3T Racemax, check our in-depth news piece here.

3T — Made (lighter) in Italy

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale down

3T is committed to Italian manufacturing. Each Racemax Italia frame is 100% made directly above the offices of the company headquarters in their in-house production facilities.

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale crankset

By producing the Racemax Boost Italia in-house in Bergamo, 3T can produce an ebike frame weighing 1000g (unpainted, +/- 3%). It’s not just weight that in-house manufacturing optimizes. 3T says the Italian-made Racemax Boost Italia frame has a bottom bracket that is 9% stiffer relative to the standard RaceMax frame produced in Asia.

Mahle X-20 Customizable Power

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale chainstay

The Mahle X-20 engine provides 55Nm of power to the new 3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale — but only when the user needs it. This X-20 hub motor powertrain employs a torque and cadence sensor in the bottom bracket. Depending on their needs and the ride ahead, riders can customize the power profile.

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale rear brake

What does that mean in real ride terms?

The 236Wh internal battery allows a rider of 75kg (165lb) to ride ~100km (62mi) with 1500m (~4900′) of climbing. But if you need to extend the range further, there is also an optional battery extender. This extra battery extender fits below the downtube, near the charging port. It also doesn’t take up any valuable water bottle space like most other range extenders.

3T’s solution for the Mahle X-20 range extender still allows riders to carry two bottles in the main triangle.

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale Sizing

The Racemax Boost Italia Integrale Ardesia and Project X nude carbon versions come in four sizes from 51-58cm.

They are each spec’d with SRAM Rival XPLR and Red, respectively.

Both versions boast 3T’s “super-wide” carbon 45 | 40 LTD rims, with the Project X also featuring a made in-house 3T Torno crank.

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale seat tube

3T Racemax Boost Italia Integrale Builds and Pricing

Ardesia Build

  • Spec: SRAM Rival XPLR 1×12, carbon 3T 45 | 40 LTD “super-wide”
  • Price: 7376€ / $8851 / £6877

“Project X” Build

  • Spec: SRAM Red AXS 1×12, carbon 3T 45 | 40 LTD “super-wide” rims, 3T Torno crank, and San Marco 3D printed carbon saddle.
  • Price: 10,655€ / $12,786 / £9,926


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7 months ago

Plot twist – boost doesn’t refer to the electric motor but to the axle spacing…

Fig Ciocc
Fig Ciocc
7 months ago

I like companies manufacturing in EMEA and North America better QOL, Environmental, safety, and pay standards than China and even Taiwan and as Time and Look has shown you can sell bikes made in the first world and make a profit when competitors are taking advantage of lower standard areas.

7 months ago
Reply to  Fig Ciocc

‘taking advantage of lower standard areas’

Nice superiority complex take. It’s facility management that assures quality not the nation or some 1st world designation that means about zero when it comes to bike factories. These are 10k Euro bikes. They’d better be made well, in Italy or anywhere else.

7 months ago
Reply to  Don

Yes they should but if you look at quite a few of 3T’s competitors they are not producing in Italy or anywhere is the EU. Some paint their bikes in the EU but that is all. And are charging 30% more than 3T. The other think that I love about these bikes is they eliminate a lot of carbon waste by not using pre preg sheets of carbon but rather spools of carbon spun into a latice. If you have ever ridden one of these bikes and I have been lucky enough to they feel quite special. 3T is doing a great job!!!!!

7 months ago
Reply to  Dave

They feel like every other plastic bike.The special thing is the seatpost always slipping.

7 months ago

Bravo 3T! Bellissimo.

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