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5 iPhone Apps for Cyclists

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iPhone apps for cyclists, bike, bicycles. Speed

Since Apple started allowing other programers to create software for the iPhone, applications have been created for everything. To the extent that Apple’s “There’s an app for that” campaign is fairly literal. Wired’s Gadget Lab highlighted five applications that can replace bicycle hardware. They are the CycleMeter, Brake Light, Back Light, Gear Calculator and Speed (we wrote about the Gear Calculator in THIS post earlier).

We found this article via Cyclelicious.

Here’s a recap of the apps…

iPhone apps for cyclists, bike, bicycles. CycleMeter

CycleMeter: This app works like a cycle computer, giving you your speed, distance, average speed and trip time. It works on the iPhone and the non-GPS iTouch. For this app to work you have to attach a small plastic tab on a spoke, and run your earbud microphone down the frame. The mic will listen the tapping sounds of the plastic tab and do the calculations just like a magnetic cycle computer would.

iPhone apps for cyclists, bike, bicycles. CycleMeter

Brake Light: Brake Light turns your iPhone or iTouch into a brake light. Hence the name. An accelerometer knows when you are slowing and will flash red as you stop. I have checked out the creator’s site via iTunes and wasn’t able to get much info from it. If you test this app out let me know.

iPhone apps for cyclists, bike, bicycles. Back Light

Back Light: The full name for this app is Bicycle Back Safety Flashlight. It’s another light app, but this one stays on the whole time you ride. It also has an option for writing messages to the people following you. The suggestions is the word “STOP”, but you’re free to express yourself. This app is potentially a real battery drainer, but if you forget your back light and want to be safe, just down load a new light.

iPhone apps for cyclists, bike, bicycles. Gear Calculator

Gear Calculator: Check out our earlier review of the Gear Calculator app. The application works out gear ratios for you, based on crank lengths, wheel sizes and cog/sprocket sizes. It’ll even tell you what ratio you should ride to maximize tire wear based on the pattern of skid patches on the tires themselves.

iPhone apps for cyclists, bike, bicycles. Speed

Speed: Speed also is a speedometer app. This one however, uses the iPhone’s GPS to calculate speed as opposed to the plastic spoke tab and ear bud system. It has a good looking interface and works in both kilometers and miles per hour.

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14 years ago

Sorry but none of these beat a $20 dollar computer and a $9 blinkie light, each of which have batteries that will outlast the iphone by years.
And by the way, I just lost my computer Sunday on a rocky downhill. Pretty sure I would have been a bit more angry if it had been a multi-$100 mobile phone.

The iPhone and other smartphones are great. It’s always nice to have a camera and map handy, but it will never replace some basic bike specific components.
-Cory from Prague

14 years ago


I totally agree. I smashed two computers on my mountain bike in fantastic wrecks. If I smash an iPhone… I may lose my mind.

If anyone does use these apps, or any other apps for cycling, let me know how it works out for you.

14 years ago

I guess that goes to show there isn’t an app for everything… Apple needs better cycling apps. This article has links to somewhat better apps:

What I’d really like to see is an iphone app that replaces most of the functionality of a Garmin 705. Better yet, make a Bluetooth>ANT+ device that will let your phone do heartrate, cadence, speed & power with mainstream sensors.

14 years ago

I don’t use any of these, but do use The Bike Computer, a free app for iPhone and other smartphones, and while it isn’t perfect yet, it does keep track of my data well and uploads to EveryTrail.com with a nice outline on a Google map. Very cool. You might want to check it out.

13 years ago

Another one that will probably be of interest is Bike Doctor:

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