“50 Ways to Cycle the World” book will wind up your bicycle wanderlust

Do you have a dream cycling project? Maybe you want to spend a week mountain biking every trail in Bentonville or bike across your state — or even the world.

There’s romance to adventure planning, but inspiration can be tough to come by when logistics start piling up. If you need a little stoke to push you over the threshold, check out 50 Ways to Cycle the World.

50 ways to cycle the world book

The recent book by Belén Castello and Tristan Bogaard puts photography front and center to tell the stories of 75 cyclists from 23 countries as they actualize their dreams. It’s ready for the coffee table with content ranging from socially relevant to expansively scenic to unapologetically gritty.

bike tour mountain camping

IG: @unlearningbybike. Photo: Jeremy John

Planet Portmanteau: “50 Ways to Cycle the World” Content

For instance, Ann Johansson dumped her 9-to-5 as a graphic designer after a decade to start bike touring. She tells an interviewer about her trips to Tajikistan and New Zealand with candor, touching on local encounters, injuries, and the experience of being a solo female cyclist in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

bike touring indonesia children

IG: @mairawa. Photo: Tomasz Gehrke

Other times, 50 Ways to Cycle the World just hits you in the eyes.

50 ways to cycle the world bike touring sculpture hand

IG: @ryohei_oguchi_around_the_world. Photo; Ryohei Oguchi

bike touring

IG: @laelwilcox. Photo: Rugile Kaladyte

bike touring mountain landscape

IG: @nienkenpim. Photo: Pim de Jong and Nienke Ansems

There’s a vast story behind each photo, thousands of miles ridden by people from backgrounds as diverse as the world. Nature’s beauty and cycling psych are found anywhere and everywhere.

family bicycle sunset

IG: @swagfamilyhughes. Photo: Andrew Hughes

bike touring landscape

IG: @stepoutandexplore. Photo: Tomas Smejkal and Luba Lapsanska

50 ways to cycle the world: monks bicycle

IG: @pedelecadventures. Photo: Susanne Brusch

But it’s not all pretty. The last few episodes, under the heading “A Bigger Purpose,” can hit heavy.

50 ways to cycle the world bike touring trash

IG: @cycleantrip. Photo: Florian Danielo

In Summary: “50 Ways,” Other Publications, Where to Find

Overall, 50 Ways to Cycle The World gives us a way to interpret our roles in the world through cycling. In some ways, it’s a synthesis of being alive, human, and connected to planet Earth (and one another).

touring bike partners

IG: @nonlaproject. Photo: Thibault Clemenceau, Tran Nguyen, Khanh Nguyen

50 ways to cycle the world: children with touring bike

IG: @txurif. Photo: Blanca Fernandez

The 336-page book builds on the authors’ previous autobiography, Bike Life, in which they tour Europe, North America and Central Asia and display similarly epic photography.

bike touring mountains kyrgyzstan bike life book

Check out 50 Ways to Cycle the World via its Amazon listing. Or, better yet, call your local bookstore and see if they have a copy.

Learn more about Bike Life here. And keep an eye out for Belén Castello and Tristan Bogaard (IG: @belletoscan, @tristanboogard). No matter where in the world you live, you may cross paths with them on your next ride. 

bike touring landscape

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1 year ago

Bought it, received it today and it’s awesome