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A Smattering of New Lightweight Parts from Tune – 844g Wheelset, 68g Post, 79g Saddle, Etc.

Tune Comfort Plus carbon fiber bike saddle at 79 grams
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Tune Comfort Plus carbon fiber bike saddle at 79 grams

From deep in Germany’s Black Forest comes a broad assortment of Tune’s new ultra lightweight components for road and mountain bikes, 29ers and 650B and even what’s likely to be the most expensive BMX build ever.

Above is the new Comfort Plus saddle at 79g. The leather scuff guard on the rear will come in alll 11 colors, the shell is more flexible than their original Comfort saddle. Rider weight limit of 90kg. €239 and will also have an Alcantara leather option for the same price.

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They partnered with fellow lightweight builder Schmolke on the new Meister Stück (Master Piece) seatpost on the left 68g (320mm length – 27.2, 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9) for €430 and the Scharzes Stück (Black Piece) post at 110g that’ll come in 350 and 400mm lengths for €289-309.

Tune Kill Hill Brake Force One hydraulic disc brakes

Brake Force One (The “One” part of the name indicates one finger use) are new brakes from an 18-year-old that’s apparently been working on them since he was 13. According to Tune, they use an automotive design with mineral oil for max pressure and the caliper has magnets that pull the pads back from the rotor. There’s a lot of lever movement but pad contact is pretty quick, however without riding them it’s impossible to tell when the contact force is sufficient to start slowing the rider and I was able to easily pull the lever all the way into contact with my fingers on the bar. The special Kill Hill limited edition for Tune is 198g without the rotor. The lever/master cylinder is a PVC plastic with a true pad contact adjust, and the caliper is machined from one piece. Available in several colors TBD. Price is about €1,000 for the set (F & R). (I was talking with the guys from Hayes about the non-Tune version of these brakes, and they said the design has no diaphragm or vacuum section to adjust for fluid expansion, but they were impressed that the design came from a teenager)

2012 Tune Standard DT 29er wheelset

Standard DT 29er wheels = €724

Fire Brigade 29er wheels = €820 (BOR Germany 333 FRM rims). Both wheelsets above use Tune’s King (115g) & Kong (208.5g) hubs and are convertible to make them work with 15mm thru axles.

2012 Tune Schwarzbrenner 40C carbon fiber rim road bike wheelset

Schwarzbrenner 40 C clincher carbon road wheels. They have a new carbon manufacturing partner that’s only making their rims and they include special brake pads to improve wet weather braking. €1859

2012 Tune Skyline AX Lightness carbon tubular road bike wheelset

Anything with the “Skyline” moniker means it’s Tune’s lightest, highest end parts. The Skyline AX Lightness SRT24 come in at just 844g for the pair, and they have no rider weight limit. Price is €2299. They use Tune’s Mag 150 (156g) and Mag 45 hubs (47g) on Sapim Super spokes.

Tune 650B mountain bike wheels

650B wheels = €816

Tune Smartfoot cranks with power meters from SRM and Power2Max

Tune has now coupled their Smartfoot cranks with power meters from Power2Max and SRM on both their road (623g) or mountain bike (605g) cranks. Weight without power device. Only BB30.

New Schraubwürger seat post clamp. 9g for €29 available in all diameters. Not new but pretty cool is their 15mm thru axle at just 43g. They make versions for various fork manufacturers.

Bubi 89g inset tapered headsets=  €149. Shown on the left are the 11 colors Tune offers on most of its components.


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Marty Renwick
12 years ago

The Brake Force One is extraordinarily good to use modulation and feeling sensitivity wise. It also has plenty of power. I rode it at Demo Day Tyler and when I saw you in the Tune booth I had just felt the set up they had there, which I assume needed bleeding, because the set I rode felt very different. Danny MacAskill felt the same way…. now there is some fine and sensitive brake use! http://www.dannymacaskill.co.uk/v=ShbC5yVqOdI

Cheers, Marty@VueloVelo.com

Samuel J. Greear
12 years ago

Purple? Non-BMX/DJ parts in purple ano. are quite hard to find and I have never seen any Tune parts in purple before, I hope this gets applied to all of their offerings if it hasn’t already.

12 years ago

What nonsense to ask someone who knows nothing about the brake.
Ask the manufacturer he can fill in your knowledge gaps? What a great journalism.

Jakob Lauhoff
12 years ago

Dear Tyler,
maybe it‘s different in australia but in Europa professional journalists do much more reseach on a product before they write nonsense. Contact the company “BFO” would be a good help for you to do your job right. BFO themself or even their homepage would give you the right informations about the function and materials.

So we like to help you and bring you and your readers to the right position:

1. The lever and master cylinder are made from CFK.
2. The brake pistons are active towed back, the magnet is only to hold the pad to the piston.
3. If you would use the lever to the bar you would be not on the bike any longer (somewhere in front of your machine)
4. We build in a brake booster to allow to have so much power. Better watch out.
5. And caused of our brake booster we are the “only one” who can have as much air gap on the pads to ensure no noise, get the gap close fast and then have full power.
6. That “only one” may be the reason to have the “one” in the name.
7. And last but not least: again the brake booster’s funktion is the reason we can handle all possible oil extension without an extra reservoir.

Just call me up, I would enjoy to help you.


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