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AASQ Callout Reminder: Funn MTB to answer your questions on flat and clipless pedals

funn aasq callout flats versus clipless pedals for mtb
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Are you a mountain biker who rides flats, curious about the merits of going clipless? Me too. There’s no question that riding flat pedals is great for skill development. Especially bunny hopping but certainly bike handling on the whole. However, when I see the vast majority of pro riders racing clipless, across XC, Enduro and DH, I can’t help but feel I could be missing out.

Funn Funndamental platform pedals
As a mountain bike coach I recommend clients practice their skills on flats rather than clipless

Then, I remember that Sam Hill races everything in flats and that I should probably stop making excuses for myself. That said, the man is an enigma. Any riders that come close to beating Sam are clipped in. 

funn ripper clipless mtb pedals available in anodised colors
What performance gains are there to be had switching from flats to a clipless pedal like the Funn Ripper?

While i’m very much interested in the performance gains to be had switching from flats to clipless, i’m also aware that there could be a rather steep learning curve associated with the transition. I envisage said learning curve to include anything from the classic “forgetting” to unclip, resulting in hilarious slow speed lie downs, to high speed corner over-shooting, tumbling through the brash with the bike still attached to my feet. I’m excited by the prospect of neither.

funn mamba mtb pedal flat one side clipless the other double sided
The Funn Mamba pedal is flat on one side with a clipless mechanism on the other

Lucky for me, and you, this week we have the full undivided attention of the mountain bike pedal experts at Funn. These guys dabble in flat pedals and clipless pedals – they also make a pedal that is flat on one side and clipless on the other. I’m sure these guys will have some solid tips on offer to help us on our road to clipless pedal greatness.


So, if you’ve got any burning questions on that, or on anything related to mountain bike pedals, now is the time to ask. As ever, we’ll round up the best questions, send them over to Funn for the answers and report back on Friday!

Click here to use the AASQ form to submit questions for Funn!


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jason d west
jason d west
3 years ago

I’ve been using flats for about 4 years now. I feel like I’m a better rider bc of it. Yet, with drops and jumps i feel clips would help some because admittedly I’m not that good at jumps, drops and riding in general. Otherwise i really like flats

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