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AASQ Callout Reminder: How can you make best use of bicycle daytime running lights?

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Are Daytime Running Lights a superfluous use of energy, or do they actually make you more visible on the bike, and therefore safer? Bontrager is of the latter opinion. Their research conducted in partnership with Clemson University showed that the use of daytime bike lights is linked to a 33% reduction in accidents between cyclists and cars. Not to mention that a flashing rear light apparently makes a cyclist a whopping 270% more recognizable to drivers.

Ask Bontrager about Daytime Running Lights for Bikes

do i need lights for cycling in daytime

What then, is the best way to use daytime running lights for bikes? It would be really interesting to know under what conditions the Clemson University study was conducted. Where on the bike were the daytime running lights positioned? How many lumens were they set to? Were they flashing, strobing, or simply on continuously?

bontrager flare rt daytime running lights for bikes

These questions are relevant if you want to be sure you’re using your daytime running lights in the most effective way possible. Of course, daytime light conditions can vary massively, from bright summer days to low winter sun, to overcast conditions with fog. How should you adapt your daytime bike light setup to changing conditions and, is there any evidence that daytime running lights can actually be problematic ever?

bontrager flare rt daytime running light for cyclists

These are just a few of our own thoughts on the topic. Send in yours and we’ll get the experts at Bontrager to answer them this Friday! Submit your question here, or simply pop it in the comments below.

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3 years ago

Seeing that the Bontrager models are wearing black, does Bontrager believe that DRL are better at alerting drivers than hi-viz clothing?

3 years ago
Reply to  Joenomad

Bontrager’s research shows that fluorescent clothing works best on the feet and legs — the parts of your body in constant motion on a bike, which helps people recognize you as a human. The feet and legs aren’t visible in these shots, but I would be willing to bet that they have on fluorescent shoes/socks/warmers.

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