AASQ: Have questions about bearings? Bottom brackets? Kogel Bearings is all ears

It’s time for the next installment for our AASQ series, and we’re diving deep into the world of things that spin with Kogel Bearings. While the company was founded in El Paso, TX, the origins can be traced back to founder Ard Kessels’ experience owning and operating a bike shop in Belgium. The notoriously wet climate is punishing on bearings and Ard hated the fact that many bikes came with the cheapest bearings possible to cut costs in an area most consumers don’t see. That led to the company creating high end bearings perfectly fit for high end bikes as well as specific seals for road and off-road use. Kogel has also developed a range of bottom brackets meant to eliminate the need of any adapters to run specific cranks on various frames.

AASQ: Have questions about bearings? Bottom brackets? Kogel Bearings is all ears

Kogel has also introduced products like ceramic pulleys for derailleurs and even is hinting at an oversized derailleur pulley cage that might be in the works.

Now comes the fun part. It’s time for you to submit any and all questions for Kogel to answer. Ard says that they’re open to “any questions about our product development process, how we prefer real world testing over lab tests, generic questions about ball bearings and how to keep them running well in challenging conditions. Our philosophy is ‘you ask, we answer’ so we don’t shy away from any topics.”


Want to know more about the theory behind oversized pulleys? Which bearing material is superior? This is your chance to get Kogel’s take on the issue. Submit your questions through THIS LINK, and we’ll dive into the answers next week!


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