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ABUS’ MoDrop QUIN and Moventor 2.0 QUIN smart MTB helmets come to the USA

ABUS MoDrop and Moventor 2.0 QUIN helmets, title
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Would you feel safer on solo rides if you knew your helmet was looking out for you? Technology has always been a big part of the cycling industry, but it’s great to see companies like ABUS using gear-integrated tech to keep us safer while we ride.

ABUS has graced the MoDrop and Moventor 2.0 MTB helmets with their QUIN technology, which can detect a crash and notify emergency contacts so someone will know if you’re badly injured and need help. Both the MoDrop and Moventor 2.0 QUIN helmets are already in use in Europe, but they’ve just become available to riders in the USA. Considering their built-in crash notification tech, both models come in at pretty reasonable prices.



ABUS’ QUIN System is a “crash detection and notification technology”. The system is not only able to identify when a rider has crashed, it’s also designed to notify specified contacts that a crash has happened.

At the heart of the QUIN system is a small unit that contains an acceleration sensor, a motion sensor, Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and a battery. This unit is integrated into ABUS’ helmets, and communicates with smartphones via ABUS’ app. As you ride, the unit constantly monitors its sensors’ data so it can identify a sudden impact (a crash).

Riders can input up to three emergency contacts, who will be notified if the helmet detects a hard impact. However, ABUS also built in a clever and handy feature; Instead of instantly and automatically messaging your emergency contacts, the helmet starts a countdown after an impact is detected.  This way, if you crash but don’t feel the need to send emergency messages for help, you can cancel the notifications. One important thing to note; since the system uses your smartphone for communication, you must be within cellular range for the QUIN system to send notifications.


ABUS MoDrop QUIN, black, side

Already one of ABUS’ most popular helmets in Europe, the MoDrop QUIN is an enduro style open-faced lid that offers generous head coverage. Its Multi-Shell In-Mould design means the outer shell is bonded to the shock-absorbing EPS liner, and its lower shell is also molded for extra durability.

For ventilation the MoDrop offers six intake and eight outlet vents, which are all lined with bug mesh to keep pesky insects off your head. ABUS’ MTB specific height-adjustable Zoom Ace retention system ensures a solid fit, and non-slip TriVider webbing distributors keep your chin straps in place.

ABUS MoDrop QUIN, side, on rider

The MoDrop also features a height-adjustable visor, and a GoggFit device that stashes your goggles on the helmet when they’re not needed. Also, as a bonus for longhaired riders, the rear part of the MoDrop’s shell is designed to accommodate a ponytail. Weight for a size medium MoDrop QUIN is listed at 335g.

ABUS MoDrop QUIN, rider climbing

The MoDrop QUIN retails at $99.99, or $139.99 with MIPS. S/M/L sizes are available in Velvet Black or Polar White.

ABUS Moventor 2.0 QUIN:

ABUS Moventor 2.0 QUIN, side

The Moventor 2.0 QUIN is another deep-coverage option for trail riders, boasting similar construction features to the MoDrop but with a few more vents. The Moventor 2.0 is built with ABUS’ Multi-Shell In-Mold construction, and features a molded lower shell. This model offers 10 air inlet and nine outlet vents to keep you as cool as possible, but does not include a bug mesh liner.

ABUS Moventor 2.0 QUIN, rear, on rider

The Moventor 2.0 QUIN also comes with ABUS’ Zoom Ace retention system and TriVider strap buckles, plus the GoggFit device. Like the MoDrop, the rear section of the shell has a cut-out to work well with ponytails. A size Medium Moventor 2.0 QUIN weighs in at 305g.

ABUS Moventor 2.0 QUIN, on rider
*Images c. ABUS

MSRP for the Moventor 2.0 QUIN is $169.99. It is sold in S/M/L sizes, and color options are Shiny White or Velvet Black.


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2 years ago

New tech with micro usb? Sounds like a great product that needs to be updated already. Would be great if they sold the widget separately so people can add to their existing helmets.

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