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Adidas Velocade Indoor Trainer Shoes Power Your Clipless Workout & Walk Off-the-Bike

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes, pedaling blur
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These new Adidas Velocade indoor cycling shoes transition off the bike, so you can go with the rest of your life without swapping shoes right after your workout. Mixing up sneaker and sandal styling, Adidas calls the Velocade a performance hybrid indoor cycling shoe that doesn’t have to get stuck only on the stationary bike. Why not work out in a shoe you can wear around the house, around the office, or even around town to get a post-workout coffee…

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes, front on the trainer

We’re always quite curious to see new cycling shoes from Adidas. With a storied cycling history on the biggest road racing stage, the off-road power of the Five Ten legacy in-house, plus more and more gravel & lifestyle cycling options, the athletic shoe & sportswear behemoth is really dipping their toe back in the cycling market.

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes, German socks & sandals

Their latest shoe is this Adidas Velocade clipless indoor trainer shoe. This bright green variation looks almost like the rider is wearing sandals over white socks. But, the all-black or white shoes look much more like a normal sneaker. Easily something you could wear off the bike, assuming you don’t click when you walk.

“Velocade is our answer to two of the most common barriers athletes face when trying to fit in a high-quality workout: time and equipment. The ‘hidden’ two-bolt cleat means no more awkward and noisy walks between the changing room, bike and smoothie bar and no waiting to change footwear. Whether it’s high intensity workouts in the gym or your home, commuting, or going on adventures in new places, we are passionate about helping more people to clip in to the power of cycling. With Velocade we have focused on delivering this for the indoor cycling enthusiast – helping them to maximise not just their workouts but how they move through their whole routine.”

– Ben Herath, VP Design, adidas Specialist Sports

Tech details

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes, strechting with SPD cleat

Adidas specifically created the Velocade for versatility – on- and off the bike – much like their Velosamba. But the Velocade leans more towards the performance side of the equation. With a 2/3-length fiber-reinforced nylon midsole plate for pedaling efficiency on 2-bolt MTB cleats. Those most often used on stationary bikes at the gym. Outside of that though, the rest of the shoe is flexible for comfortable walkability, especially the heel.

The trick to crossing over, the shoes feature a long, deep cleat pocket surrounded by a street shoe tread. That’s something I’ve seen done well, or not so well. Not having ridden these (or the Velosambas), I can only rely on anecdotes that say Adidas did a good job of keeping at least SPD cleats from hitting the ground as you walk.

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes, velcro straop

Reasonably light at 230g (claimed) per shoe. The Velocade features a light-vented mesh ‘sock’ upper with one big strap that zig-zags across the top. And there’s just a single velcro patch at the end to adjust fit.

Adidas Velocade walkable mesh indoor cycling shoes, side

Adidas Velocade – Pricing, options & availability

The new Adidas Velocade shoes sell for $130 / 150€, and are available now in Crystal Jade white & neon green, Carbon black, and Grey One white & silver. They come in unisex US half-sizing from US M5-11/W6-12. Find them in a select number of retailers, or direct from Adidas in your own country.

adidas.com/US/cycling-shoes or adidas.de/radfahren, for example

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Jason DW
Jason DW
5 months ago

They look like a shoe that’s been parodied.

5 months ago
Reply to  Jason DW

yes. shoes by Shimano.

5 months ago

Whoever commissioned this photoshoot and didn’t notice the floppy folded in socks… I’m gonna lose sleep tonight.

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