Alchemy Atlas custom carbon & ti road bikes redesigned with pick of road or all-road tires

Alchemy has completely overhauled their US-made Atlas road bike family to include more customization than ever so every cyclists gets exactly the road bike they’ve been dreaming of. Whether you are looking for stock geometry or a fully-custom fit, carbon or titanium construction, classic road or modern all-road tire clearances, Alchemy will build the perfect Atlas road bike for you.

Alchemy Atlas custom/customizable (all-)road bikes in carbon or ti

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, ColoRADo

c. Alchemy

Alchemy calls the Atlas their modular road family. And while the custom Atlas Carbon has been their road flagship for years, now a lot more options open the bike up to more possibilities, a wider range of budgets, and more styles of modern road riding.

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, road

2021 Alchemy Atlas carbon road 28mm

At the heart of the matter, Alchemy’s tube-to-tube carbon construction allows them to pick either a compact rear end paired with a classic road fork, or swap in a wider-spaced set of stays and a new all-road fork to boost clearance to almost gravel width tires.

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, all-road 38mm

2021 Alchemy Atlas carbon all-road 38mm

What’s new? Tech details

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, carbon frame blue

In either tire size option, the redesigned carbon Atlas frame gets a new set of tubing profiles to make it more modern, more responsive, more comfortable & more aero.

Alchemy has reinforced their Press Fit BB86 bottom bracket for improved stiffness & power transfer, together with the reshaped, slightly aero profile downtube. A smaller 27.2mm seatpost isn’t the ultimate aero solution, but it adds comfort, universal compatibility, and is more aero than oversized round posts.

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, geometry

Either in standard road (28mm tire clearance) or the new all-road (max 38mm tire clearance), both versions appear to share the same stock geometry – also in the case of carbon or titanium.

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, tiv or carbon

carbon or titanium

Alchemy says they manage this simply through adjusting different sets of seatstays, so presumable the chainstays on either version remain the same. Classic road Atlas bikes have used the ENVE Disc Road fork, but the all-road version now gets Alchemy’s own fork that presumably maintains the same axle-to-crown, but with room for the bigger tires.

Atlas Carbon framesets have a claimed painted weight from 1.72kg (54cm), which assuming a 450g AR fork, 75g axles & 100g headset ends up around 1095g for the frame alone.

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, ti complete

The new titanium frame is welded from cold-formed tubes shaped in-house by Alchemy, and also moves to a new 1.5″ tapered headtube design, a threaded bottom bracket shell, hooded dropouts, and new internal brake routing (still a 31.6mm seatpost).

The Atlas Ti frameset weight is a claimed 1.99kg (54), so with the same assumptions, it would be ~1365g for the titanium frame itself.

New 2021 finishes

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, colors

The Alchemy Atlas also adds a few new standard paint options to pick from. Mostly using a matte or gloss clearcoat to show the carbon construction underneath, there are now six standard color options for the downtube logo and fork/seattube hexagon graphics. Starting at an extra $500, Alchemy will also still custom paint your Atlas in pretty much any color combination you want, too.

Alchemy Atlas (all-) road bike – Pricing & options

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, descending

Stock geometry Alchemy Atlas framesets sell for $4500, either in carbon or titanium, including the painted-to-match carbon fork in either 28mm road or 38mm all-road versions. Complete bikes start at $9000 with either Ultegra Di2 or Force AXS, or $10,500 with Dura-Ace Di2 or Red AXS.

2021 Alchemy Atlas custom carbon or titanium all-road bikes, wall

Fully custom geometry is available for an extra $1000 on either frameset and on complete bike builds, and includes a Retül fitting in-house with Alchemy Bikes founder & owner Ryan Cannizzaro.


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Involuntary Soul
1 year ago

yeks BB86, are they getting paid by Shimano for that terrible BB standard?

K-Pop is dangerous to your health
K-Pop is dangerous to your health
1 year ago

Yeah, the BB spec is pretty unfortunate. These frames may be stock, however all built in-house should give way to some options. I bet you could persuade them to do a T47.

1 year ago

Their frames always look like solid designs. Still using Pressfit BB though, really? Here come the creaks and endless headaches. Also, “more modern” tube shapes, oh brother, marketing team working too hard or what.

1 year ago

Everyone making their own frames these days should be running BSA or T47. There’s no reason to not be using a threaded BB.

1 year ago

A properly laid-up and quality controlled press-fit bottom bracket shell will have nothing wrong with it. Just because the likes of Trek, Speshy, Cannondale, Cervélo, etc. can’t properly engineer and QC their bottom bracket shells to be within exacting tolerances doesn’t mean the standard is bad, it means that these manufacturers are terrible at building proper bottom bracket shells. Sure, your beloved thread-fit BBs probably won’t creak, but are just as prone to misalignment as press-fit BBs, on top of the issues that go into bonding two unalike materials with vastly different temperature responses, as well as possible issues with galvanization and corrosion.

I have two BH bikes (2015 Quartz and 2018 G7) with BB386EVO press-fit BBs, and have had zero issues with creaking or any such nonsense. Why? Because builders like BH know how to do bottom bracket shell quality control properly.

The real question to ask here is why BB86 and not BB386EVO? The latter allows for the option to run 30mm spindle cranks, as well as allowing for larger bearings for 24mm spindle cranks (for increased durability) whilst the former locks one into 24mm spindle cranks only.

K-Pop is dangerous to your health
K-Pop is dangerous to your health
1 year ago
Reply to  Sajuuk

Just because VW, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Honda can’t figure out how to make a proper doodad, but Skoda can doesn’t mean the standard is… bad? lol.

1 year ago

Pressfit BB wrk if done properly. The design is better from and enginerring standpoint. Ask Hambini or Peak Torque. But good quality control costs too much for the bottom line. You can thank all the magazine reviews that told us endlessly that China makes great bikes and the death of US manufacturing is nothing to be concerned about… while they told us how great the new BB standards were… sort of like how they are telling us road tubeless is great and so are disk brakes.

Cornwall Jon
Cornwall Jon
1 year ago

I have ridden a 2019 Alchemy Atlas rim brake model with a Hope BB for close to 10,000 miles. I ride hard and I ride fast. I weigh 75 kg. I grind up hills. ZERO creaks from the BB.