Much like a number of high end automobile manufacturers, Alfa Romeo has their own line of bicycles that bears their name. Designed in part by Alfa, and produced by Compagnia Ducale, the bikes offer a unique take on the Italian automaker’s distinct style. Their latest collaboration, the 4C IFD, built to celebrate their new sporty roadster, is no less unique. While not quite as overbuilt as the Alfa Romeo Cross, the 4c IFD has its own unique frame.

Find out why, after the break.


The Innovative Frame Design (or IFD), is said to resemble a stylized number 4 and C. Not only that, but the unique carbon frame structure is built to emulate the C-shaped carbon rails used on the actual 4c’s frame. In addition to the HM40 T700 carbon tubes, steel tie rods are uses at the “structural strong points” of the frame to reinforce/hold it together.


While it’s possible the bikes will be equipped with Vision’s Metron TT style shifters, we’re assuming that the bikes will actually be equipped with regular drop bars and Campagnolo shifters based on the specs, with the exception of the single speed version. The made in Italy bicycles will retail from $4,700 to $12,000 depending on the build with bikes available from Veloce to Record.


  1. Peanut Gallery on

    Do we know what winery the designers are partial too? I would love to know, because I am sure that is some fantastic stuff.

  2. Larry Falk on

    I can understand a car manufacturer making a folding bicycle that specifically fits in the trunk of their car, etc…but for the life of me I don’t understand these types of projects for the bikes they produce or the perceived marketing value of the whole thing. (Colnago & Ferrari do the best job.)

  3. CXisfun on

    I had put consideration into getting a 4C next year. No joke, this makes me re-think it. I’ll probably still try to find one, but I WILL bust the balls of my salesman when I do.

  4. CBontheEVO on

    I rarely post critical comments, but that is an abomination of a frame. Good thing they have those steel rods at the “structural strong points” (their quotes, not mine). So much bad going on here. I’m glad they completed the aesthetic shitstorm with mismatched tires, though.

  5. votre mere on

    they said they made the frame to resemble a number 4 and letter C. They must be taking salvia in large doses, because there is no way to make a number 4 and letter C look that awful. maybe they are dyslexic, but someone would have pointed that out to them before they were allowed to play around with carbon fiber.


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