The 2021 Commencal META Power is another bike launching with the all-new Shimano EP8 e-mountain bike drive unit, lending the new bike increased range, power and control. But they didn’t stop there…the geometry gets modernized, bigger forks sit up front, and a new top tube shape makes the frame stiffer.

You’ll still have two wheel size options, with the Power 29 and Power SX (27.5) both getting the updates…

2021 Commencal META Power details

commencal meta power e-mountain bike gets the new shimano EP8 e-MTB drive system with a more power battery and motor

The biggest change to the frame is it’s ability to accommodate the smaller, lighter (yet more powerful) new Shimano drive system. The battery is shifted lower in the downtube to drop the center of gravity. Combined with a new top tube, the bike should have quicker, more precise handling.

rockshox zeb enduro e MTB fork on the new commencal meta power e mountain bike

And the new fork spec helps with that, too. They’ve switched to the new breed of 38mm stanchion forks designed with eMTB’s in mind…like the Fox 38 and Rockshox ZEB.

new commencal meta power e mountain bike

All photos courtesy Commencal.

It’s also compatible with both air and coil shocks. Rear travel is 160mm for the 29er, and 165mm for the 27.5″ SX models. Forks are 170mm travel on all 29er models, and 180mm on 27.5″ models.

battery charging port on the new commencal meta power e mountain bike

Across the frame, little touches have been changed to make it cleaner and easier to operate over the life of the bike. The rear speed sensor’s magnet is on the brake rotor, not the spokes, so it won’t get twisted around or potentially knocked loose.

Internal cable routing gets well-sealed ports, and is accessible from within the battery compartment. The charging plug sits flat atop the motor housing, making it easy to reach from either side, no matter how or where you park your bike.

shimano ep8 display and mode switch on handlebar of new commencal meta power e mountain bike

Even the controls are tidy, with a new Commencal handlebar helping to hide the wires leadings from the display unit out to the mode toggle switch.

2021 Commencal Meta Power geometry chart & models

new 2021 commencal meta power e mountain bike geometry chart

The geometry gets minor tweaks, with the seat angle becoming 1º steeper to put you in a more powerful pedaling position. The head angle slacks out just a bit, countered by a shorter offset fork to keep steering nimble enough.

new commencal meta power e MTB with rockshox zeb and coil rear shock

Across the line, you’ll find a range of both Rockshox and Fox equipped bikes…

new commencal meta power e MTB with fox 38 and air shock

…with both coil and air shocks in the rear. All of them get 30mm internal width reinforced rims with 2.4″ wide tires on them. Look for three 29er builds, and two 27.5″ SX builds. Complete specs, colors and details on their website.

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I thought e-bikes were not motorized?