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Mondraker Gets Dusty and Intros New E-Gravel Line With Gravel-Specific Tune

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel full bike proto
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When most think of Mondraker, super-sculpted mountain bikes come to mind. I think of the F-Podium that Rebecca Henderson rode to XCO World Cup victories in Nove Mesto, Albstadt, and Petropolis. Mondraker has steered clear of the drop bar bike for nearly 20 years … until today. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel logo
All images: c. Mondraker

The All-New Mondraker Dusty 

Gravel is growing faster than any other segment of cycling, and those in the pure mountain world have noticed. Mondraker decided if it entered the gravel market, it would be on its terms and with its distinct style.

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel full bike

Why E-Gravel? 

Mondraker feels that an e-gravel bike offers the most versatility, allowing users to ride longer, have adventures, and romp technical terrain. Now that the battery and motor are (nearly) hidden, these bikes are more appealing than ever. Adding a motor allows the Dusty to cover more terrain with less effort and nimble handling to satisfy the adventurous. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel ride rocks

The Dusty is a purebred adventure gravel bike that can tackle long-distance rides and technical terrain. The Mahle X20 motor packs a 350Wh internal battery, allowing riders to tackle up to 180 km (112 miles) depending on the assistance level (more on that later). Plus, you can extend that with the optional 171Wh range extender and go for the long haul. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel bike

Mondraker Dusty: Frame Details 

Mondraker is a performance mountain bike company at the core, and the specialty comes through in its first drop bar offering. The Dusty boasts a lightweight frame made of Mondraker’s Stealth Air Carbon. The carbon is light and resilient, allowing the design team to incorporate Mondraker’s trademark razor-thin top tube.

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel cockpit

The geometry is a reasonably forward-thinking design: a long reach, slack (for gravel) 70-degree headtube, 425mm chainstays, and dropped seat stays for added comfort.  

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel lines

The Mondraker says the Dusty is a mix of strength and comfort, going through tons of R&D to find the perfect frame construction. The carbon Dusty frame is lightweight, with specially reinforced internal structures to withstand the high torque of the rider and motor. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel motor rear

Mondraker’s Dusty is crafted using Stealth Air Carbon, the same carbon featured on its Raze Carbon RR SL. This carbon produces a responsive frame, laterally stiff front end, and BB area but is resilient in the face of torque and abuse. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel rear clearance

The Dusty frame features an integrated seatpost clamp and is 2x drivetrain compatible. It also comes with an integrated chainstay protector for those who like to get rowdy, plus a made-to-measure rubber chainstay protector to keep your Dusty scratch-free.

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel shifter assist

For those who like a super-clean cockpit, the Dusty comes with an on/off handlebar and stem combo. The combo guides the wiring internally, keeping all cables expertly hidden. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel front bike

The Dusty fork boasts internal routing with multiple attachment points for water bottles, bags, or what have you. The fork is a 12mm thru-axel with enough room to clear 47mm tires, right on the money for modern gravel. 

Mondraker Dusty: Geometry and Sizing 

The Mondraker Dusty comes in S, M, L, and XL sizes and will fit 5’4″ and up riders.

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel steamer

The Motor: Mahle X20 

Mondraker’s Dusty uses the latest Mahle X20 system, offering an integrated 350Wh battery; it weighs in at only 3.6 kg (8 pounds) and includes the integrated 350Wh battery. The Mahle X20 motor integrated into the rear hub is one of the most advanced in its class and might be the lightest. The motor assists the rider in naturally pedaling, offering a frictionless 55 Nm of torque.

Mahle X20 system

The Mahle X20 system has an internal 350Wh battery incorporated into the downtube. The motor is integrated into the rear hub. The bottom bracket has a power and cadence meter that communicates with the central unit on the handlebar display and the remote shifter on the handlebars. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel stoked

Mahle X20: Watts on Demand

Mondraker’s Dusty has three levels of assistance; each mode is fully customizable by the rider using the My SmartBike app. Mondraker collaborated with Mahle on developing specific firmware to define the assistance characteristics of the motor for use on gravel bikes.

Assistance levels chart for the Mondraker Dusty

The design team at Mondraker describes the motor as only to “simulate the effort made by the rider at all times, without the assistance of the motor exceeding the sensation of a natural pedaling feel.” We haven’t ridden the Dusty, but this feeling might be like getting a 200mg caffeine gel … but we’ll have to see. 

Each assistance level has three features that are fully configurable by the rider:

  • Peak power: The maximum power the system gives you at all times
  • Reactivity: Sensitivity of the system at the moment assistance starts
  • Acceleration: How quickly the system reaches peak power (maximum assistance)

Unlike other systems, the Mahle X20’s assistance is based on the torque (application of force) the rider produces rather than cadence. The assistance the system offers is always proportional to the effort exerted by the rider as if it were a power amplifier. The sensor that controls the power (torque) the rider applies is in the bottom bracket. Level 1 has a continuous power contribution of 25%, level 2 reaches 50%, and level 3 goes up to 200% (varying between 75% and 200%, depending on the torque input by the rider). 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel lightness

Mondraker Dusty Models 

Mondrakers Dusty comes in three models, and all share the Stealth Carbon Air frameset and the same Mahle X20 rear drive system. 

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel Dusty R
Mondraker Dusty R

Mondraker Dusty R

The Dusty R comes equipped with a SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain, Tubeless MDK-XG1 wheels, Maxxis Rambler EXO 40mm tires, and on/off cockpit components. 

Price: $5,426

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel Dusty RR
Mondraker Dusty RR

Mondraker Dusty RR 

The Dusty RR features a SRAM Rival eTap 1×12 drivetrain, Mavic Allroad Disc wheels, 40mm Maxxis Rambler EXO tires, and on/off components. 

Price: $6,632

Mondraker Dusty XR
Mondraker Dusty XR

Mondraker Dusty XR

The flagship Dusty model features a SRAM Force eTap AXS 1×12 drivetrain, Mavic Allroad Pro Carbon SL carbon wheels, 45mm Maxxis Rambler EXO tires, a 40mm-travel RockShox Rudy Ultimate fork, and RockShox Reverb XPLR AXS seatpost offering 75 mm of drop. 

Price: $10,612

Mondraker Dusty e-gravel sunset

Mondraker Dusty Availability

All models of the Mondraker Dusty are available for purchase through your local Mondraker dealer, or online at Mondraker.com.

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