The all-new Quoc Mono II road shoes step up performance with a lighter full-carbon sole, new dial retention, a more durable upper, and still classy looks. The latest evolution of Quoc’s top-level road racing shoes, the new Mono II looks to get upgrades across the board, and even comes out lighter than ever…

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes

Quoc Mono II road bike shoes, lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes, angled

Quoc is most well known for their simple, traditional shoemaking-inspired shoes. And the original Night road racing shoes carried that over in a lace-up design. The more recent Night Mono opted for a simplified velcro strap-style upgrade, losing a bit of the classic charm. Now even with a couple of big black dials, these seem to regain a bit of that simple style, while improving on secure adjustability at the same time.

Important to note, the new Mono II does replace both the Night & OG Mono, so snap those up if you like the earlier designs. Although we expect that an updated Night will be back again at some point…

Tech Details – What’s new?

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes, riding front

The three big changes are: dial retention, tweaked lightweight carbon sole & insole, and tougher new upper. But each of those requires a bit more explanation.

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes, new upper

The new two-wire retention is a Boa-style closure, but NOT Boa. Quoc opted for a lower cost solution that still gives precise dial adjustment and is easy-to-use. Quoc’s own “ambassadors” were quoted as feeling the setup was “easier/more precise” than Boa, and after using them for the past couple of months we really don’t have any reason to disagree. And in the end, Quoc will offer replacement dials if you damage them.

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes, carbon sole

As for the new 3-hole hand-laid UD carbon sole, it is said to be incrementally lighter than before while retaining the same proven stiffness. With a vented toe, fixed rubber toe tread & replaceable heel tread it offers top-tier road racing feel.

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes Review, insole

Inside the Mono II gets a new vibration-absorbing insole with a curious but comfortable divot to release pressure under the ball of your foot. They also come with 3-option modular arch support inserts for a bit of fit customization.

The tougher upper is the same microfiber polyurethane synthetic material inherited from Quoc’s popular Gran Tourer gravel shoes, although much lighter here as the total package. The two-piece bonded upper was developed to make the shoes better suited to year-round riding, while still getting plenty of perforations for decent airflow on hotter rides.

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes, detail

To keep the upper light detailing remains simple like a lightly padded tongue with raw-cut zig-zag ‘dovetail’ edges. Then, the heel cup gets a pared-back design for a more racy feel to also shed weight and limit water retention, now featuring only a thin line of padding at the cuff to keep your heel down. In our detailed review, you’ll see that this may allow some heel lift for cyclists with especially low-volume heels.

Quoc Mono II road shoes – Pricing, options & availability

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes, black or white

All-in the new Quoc Mono II road shoes end up lighter than ever. At a claimed weight of 249g per shoe (43), we’ve seen our pre-production pair come in even lighter. The shoes are offered in two simple colors – black or white – and come in even-only sizes from 38-47.

The shoes are available for pre-order direct from Quoc now for £270, with these early orders expected to ship to buyers in the last week of September, roughly four weeks from now.

Quoc Mono II lightweight carbon-soled road cycling shoes Review, riding

Keep an eye out for our detailed review of the new Quoc Mono II coming later today…

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