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AlterLock’s Gen3 Bike Alarm and Tracker Updates Connectivity, Now Works in the USA

AlterLock Gen3, on bike
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As technology infiltrates the cycling world, two big benefits it brings are safety and security. Japan’s AlterLock has just announced the third generation of their discreet bike alarm and tracker, simply dubbed the Gen3.

The Gen3 offers new features and improved worldwide connectivity over AlterLock’s previous Gen1 and 2 devices. Since they’ve moved the new device from Sigfox to LTE-M/NB-IoT connectivity, the Gen3 is now available in the USA. The Gen3 uses a loud alarm to deter theft, but if your bike still gets stolen it functions as a tracking device so you can hopefully find and recover it.

AlterLock Gen3 Alarm and Tracker:

AlterLock Gen3, dimensions

The AlterLock Gen3 mounts to standard bottle cage mounts, and can be partially hidden underneath a water bottle. The device comes with a security bolt and installation tool so it can’t simply be removed from the bike with normal Allen keys. The Gen3’s dimensions are 167mm x 28mm x 9mm, and it weighs 53g.

An improved battery now offers three months of life, and it charges via USB-C (cable not included). The water and dust resistance of the device has also been improved to an IP66 rating (safe for bike washing). The Gen3’s operating temperature range is -20 to 60°C.

Bike Alarm:

AlterLock Gen3, under bottle cage

The AlterLock Gen3 features a three-axis accelerometer that uses a unique algorithm to detect motion. When the device is locked and motion is detected, an alert is sent to the user’s smartphone. If you are close to your bike the Gen3 uses Bluetooth to send a notification, but if you’re somewhere far away it will use LTE-M/NB-IoT instead.

The motion also triggers an audible alarm to scare a potential thief. The device starts with a 10-second warning tone, but subsequent alarms are louder and will sound for 5-60 seconds (customizable in the app). The alarm reaches up to 95dB, and you can choose between three different alarm sounds.

The alarm’s motion sensitivity can be adjusted between high, medium, and low levels. For use with bike racks, the ‘low’ setting should ensure it won’t go off when your bike sways on the rack or gets nudged by another bike. You can also mute the alarm if desired.

The Gen3 can be armed in three ways. If you and your phone are close to your bike, you can use the button on the side of the device to arm it.  You can also arm the alarm through the AlterLock App, or use the Auto-Lock function to automatically arm the device when you move far away from your bike. In Auto-Lock mode, the device disarms itself when you are close to your bicycle.

Location Tracking:

AlterLock Gen3, angle

After the Gen3’s alarm goes off a set number of times, the device will start tracking itself silently. Unlike the Knog Scout bike alarm and tracker we recently covered, which uses Apple’s Find My App to locate itself, AlterLock’s device is GPS-based. The Gen3 uses a combination of GPS, WiFi signals, and 4G base stations to track itself, which they say ensures visibility even in remote locations.

If one of those signals is weak, the Gen3 will automatically switch to the most effective communication network to find itself as quickly as possible. Furthermore, AlterLock has improved its location information-finding algorithm to reduce positioning time and improve accuracy.

One thing to note is that despite the Gen3 using GPS tracking, it won’t send constant tracking data unless it has been set off while in locked mode. To preserve battery life, the device only sends out tracking data when its motion sensors have triggered it. However, the device does send out periodic transmissions in adjustable intervals of 6-24 hours even when the device is not in locked mode. These data transmissions could make it possible to track the device even if it wasn’t armed when it was stolen.

AlterLock App:

AlterLock Gen3, phone app screen

The AlterLock App is compatible with smartphones running Android 8.0 or higher, or iOS 15 or higher. To take advantage of all the Gen3’s functions, a service agreement is required. Without a service agreement, the device will still function as an alarm, but only when you are within Bluetooth range of your bike.

With a subscription, the device works beyond Bluetooth range and allows for tracking and crash detection/notification capabilities. The Accident Detection function will send SMS notifications to your emergency contacts in the event of a crash. If you crash but don’t need help, you can cancel the crash notification by pushing the Gen3’s button within 30 seconds.

You can also record information about your bike in the app, such as photos, specs, and serial number. Service plans are currently priced at $4.99/month or $49.95/year. One subscription allows you to use up to three Gen3 devices at no additional charge.


AlterLock Gen3, with hardware
Images c. AlterLock

The AlterLock Gen3 now uses LTE-M, NB-IoT, and Bluetooth connectivity to provide broader and faster worldwide communication versus the outgoing Sigfox. This switch opens up the Gen3 for use in the United States. Currently, UK customers cannot use the new Gen3 device due to a blockage on LTE-M access by telecom providers. AlterLock will continue to sell its Gen2 unit in this market until the situation is fixed.

AlterLock’s Gen3 is available in the following countries: Japan, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United States.

The AlterLock Gen3 will be initially sold in the USA through Amazon but AlterLock plans to offer direct online sales as well. MSRP is $169.95 USD or €159.95, and the Gen3 should be available by early summer.


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5 days ago

From Gen2 user in Japan. it gives me the great confident sense of security. 5USD in month supporting up to 3 devices is close nothing compare to the price of our bikes even cheaper than subways. And it does not interefere the beautiful looking of steel bikes or latest aero forms.

5 days ago

I use AlterLock regularly and I can’t imagine going for a ride without one now, its really comforting to know your bike hasn’t been tampered with the app notification.

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