An Oil Slick Cycling Jacket? The Ale Guscio Iridescent Reflective jacket shines at night

The Ale Bike Guscio Iridescent Reflective Cycling Jacket is likely to turn more than a few heads this winter, an excellent feature for the regular commuter cyclist who needs to be seen to be safe. Love it or hate it, oil slick is now an actual look across the cycling world, featured on everything from tubeless valves to pedals, stems and now… cycling jackets, arguably the most suitable place for it thanks to the super reflective nature of its luminous sheen.

Ale Guscio Oil Slick Reflective Jacket

oil slick cycling jacket commuter reflective windproof

Admittedly, it’s not much to look at in the cold light of day. It’s at night when the Ale Guscio Reflective Jacket comes alive, with its iridescent sheen displaying ever-changing luminous colors as lights from traffic catches it at various angles. This oil slick jacket is a simple windproof that could be a great option for commuter cyclists, especially those pedaling in the Northern Hemisphere right now. 

ale bike wear windproof oil slick cycling jacket guscio iridescent reflective jacket for commuter cyclists

The surface of the fabric is covered in micro-spheres of glass, responsible for the chameleonic look that arises when it catches the light at night time. The Winter Cycling Jacket doesn’t have any waterproof claims besides the waterproof main zipper. It is recommended for temperatures between  50° and 64°F (10° to 18°C).

To give the windproof a little breathability there are breathable mesh side-bands seen running from the rider’s armpit right the way down to the hip where there is an elastic band to prevent the jacket riding up your torso.

Pricing & Availability

The Ale Guscio Oil Slick Cycling Jacket retails at $284.99 USD and is available now in a Men’s cut only, sizes S-XXL.

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8 months ago

I’m all for the high vis, it’s a no cost safety item that could literally save your bacon. But for that kind of coin, I’d like to know that the material is not just a simple wind block, but also a breathable membrane material.

Collin S
Collin S
8 months ago

Who remembers the green and blue iridescent windbreakers all the “cool kids” had back in the late 90’s?

8 months ago

Looks like the Proviz reflect360 in a race cut. This fabric does not breathe at all and you may get really hot and sweaty…