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Anamoly Flat Pedal MTB Shoe gets Hero Rubber that’s stickier when wet

anamoly flat pedal mtb shpes hero rubber grippy when wet
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Anamoly claim to have redefined the flat pedal MTB shoe with Hero Rubber that is said to get stickier when wet. The rad-looking aesthetic won’t be for everyone, but there are a bunch of standout features on this shoe that will undoubtedly tempt some to back their Kickstarter campaign. Let’s get into it.

Anamoly MTB Shoes

anamoly flat pedal mtb shoes hero rubber low rebound properties

Let’s go straight to the most interesting feature of these shoes; the promise of sticky rubber that actually gets stickier when wet. Whereas most flat pedal mountain bike shoes tend to suffer a minor loss in grip when the rubber is wet (the exception for me would be the Gen 3 SlipNot rubber seen on the Specialized RIME and others), Anamoly say their proprietary Hero Rubber compound actually gets stickier.

anamoly flat pedal mtb shpes hero rubber grippy when wet

They don’t shed any light as to how this is so. They do say they’ve spent two and a half years developing the rubber compound, formulated especially to have a high friction coefficient and ultra-low rebound properties to give good purchase around pedal pins and better energy absorption on hard impacts and landings.

anamoly mtb shoes blue flats

“Our unique designs take inspiration from skate and snowboard culture, resulting a flat pedal shoe that not only looks great, but performs incredibly, and was created by riders, for riders” – Christopher Armstrong, founder of Anamoly.

elliot heap riding anamoly flat pedal mtb shoe
Elliot Heap riding the Anamoly Flat Pedal MTB Shoes paired with the Sam Hill signature Nukeproof Horizon pedals

The Anamoly MTB Shoe is thus marketed as a wet weather riding shoe. In addition to the stickier-when-wet Hero Rubber, there are a number of features that make it an attractive option for winter riding. First up, the shoe fabric itself is said to be waterproof and “mud-proof”.

anamoly flat pedal mtb shoe winter wet weather riding conditions

The outer material gets laser-cut perforations that are said to let air in and keep water and mud out. Seems counter-intuitive; perhaps they mean the holes allow water to escape once it’s in.

rear view anamoly mtb shoes raised inner ankle support

Anamoly have added a protective molded toe cap to keep your digits safe when you inevitably slam your toes into a rock or trail side stump. Notice also that the cuff at the inner ankle is raised to offer a little more protection for riders who often find their ankles catching the crank arm while pedaling. It is also said to add a little stability to the ankle to prevent roll injuries. 

anamoly mtb shoes lace closure

The Anamoly MTB shoes are lace-up only with the eyelets for the laces hidden away underneath the upper liner of the shoe to protect them from rock strikes and general trail crud. 

Anamoly make some bold claims: “Thermo-bonded construction minimizes overall weight and material usage, resulting in the lightest shoe on the market”.

Pricing & Availability

Availability of the Anamoly flat pedal MTB shoes is subject to the success of their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A pledge of $104 USD gets you a pair of shoes at 35% off the RRP of $159 USD (low-top), with delivery estimated by February 2022. Should the Kickstarter campaign be successful, the shoes will be available in Men’s sizes 6-12 and women’s half sizes 7.5 to 13.5. 

anamoly mtb shoes for flat pedal four colorway options

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Dylan Sutton
Dylan Sutton
2 years ago

OOh, there’s nothing I like better than giving someone $104 for a pair of shoes that I don’t know will fit, made of a new unproven rubber compound, manufactured to a standard that’s not yet determined because they don’t even have production facilities yet, with a delivery date that’s uncertain but at least 6 months in the future. Where can I sign up?

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