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Apidura launch Innovation Lab range w/ Backcountry magnetic top tube pack

Apidura bikepacking gravel adventure top tube pack
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Today, the London-based bikepacking brand Apidura is launching their new Innovation Labs range. This line of high end bike-packing equipment is starting out with the all new Backcountry magnetic top tube pack. Innovation Labs is Apidura’s new home for small run, exclusive, or otherwise technically advanced packs. As such, the new Backcountry magnetic top tube pack is a limited edition offering, first seen by us as a prototype last year.

The new Backcountry Magnetic Pack from Apidura bolts on to the top tube bottle bosses

Apidura Innovation Labs

The new lab serves as Apidura’s place to brainstorm and prototype new ideas, implement design improvements, and modify factory samples. Utilizing the technical and experiential knowledge of the design team and testing team around the world, the Innovation Lab is leading the Apidura design process.

Apidura bikepacking gravel adventure cycling

There are three main goals behind the Innovation Lab:

  • Identify problems in existing packing systems, and look for new and innovative ways to solve them
  • Explore the use of new materials and techniques
  • Share some of the results of this process in the form of limited edition products
Apidura gravel off-road adventure bikepacking
Apidura launch new range of Innovation Lab products from London HQ

Apidura supports riders around the world dedicated to pushing the limits of bikepacking, including the incredible Jenny Graham who recently broke the world record for fastest female to circumnavigate the world by bike, unsupported. Incidentally, earlier this year we bumped into Jenny on our factory tour of Shand Cycles, just weeks before she set off on her around the world trip. With such valuable rider experience at hand Apidura have been able to make some of the most innovative bike packs on the market.

Adventure Syndicate Jenny Graham world record
Apidura-supported rider Jenny Graham holds the record for fastest woman to circumnavigate the world by bike, unsupported

Apidura Innovation Labs Bikepacking adventure gravel off-road cycling

Apidura Backcountry Magnetic Top Tube Pack

An evolution of the Backcountry Top Tube Pack, the new Backcountry Magnetic Top Tube Pack offers similar storage but with a new attachment method to make it easier to grab and go. We got a sneak peek of the bag in an early prototype incarnation last year, so we are happy to see these ideas move into limited production.

Apidura Bikepacking adventure gravel cycling top tube pack
A streamlined and secure space to store frequently-used items, whatever the terrain

The Pack is designed for use on bikes with top tube bolt bosses, to which the Magnetic Top Tube Pack attaches directly via magnetic bolts.

apidura bikepacking gravel biking adventure cycling

Available in 0.5L and 1L sizes, the Pack is ideal for stashing snacks, light valuables and electronic devices. It securely attaches to the top tube with magnetic rivets, eliminating the need for straps. This allows for a cleaner handlebar area, and easy attachment and removal of the Pack. A one-finger zipper puller allows easy access on the move, while a full-length coated zipper safeguards contents against water and dirt when closed.

The shell of the Apidura Backcountry Magnetic Top Tube Pack is a hard-wearing, all-weather Dimension Polyant VX21 material, sitting on a shock-absorbing closed cell foam padding to provide protection to both the frame and pack contents. The stiff construction of the pack means it will retain its shape, preventing knee contact.

Apidura top tube pack backcountry magnetic gravel bikepacking adventure cycling
A one-finger zipper puller allows easy access on the move

While the body fabric of this Pack is waterproof, due to the stitching process used to assemble the product, there is the possibility for water to enter through the seams when exposed to sustained rain. Apidura recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry.

The Pack features reflective graphics for increased visibility and is available in just the one gray color way. It is is available in 2 sizes, 0.5 L and 1 L for $68 and $75, respectively. Available to order directly from Apidura now.


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Dan B
Dan B
5 years ago

brilliant idea and hard to believe nobody has done this before. I currently have a bolted top tube pack and sometimes but have the need to ride with it, but unbolting and re-bolting is a slight pain if you’re in a rush.

5 years ago

SOLD!. Should mount nicely on my TREK CheckPoint

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