Archer Components launched their D1x universal wireless shifter mod kit a couple years ago at Sea Otter, and now they’ve made a few improvements all around. Inside the control box, there’s a 1.4x faster motor that’s 1.5x more precise. And, it has 2.5x better battery life, thanks to better power management. They say it use to draw about 5mA between shifts just to stay “awake” and ready for the next shift. Now, they’ve dropped that down to just under 1mA, so it’s drawing a lot less power when idle. Translation: About 80 hours of riding between charges, which is a huge improvement.

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2019 Archer Components D1x universal wireless shifting mod for mountain bikes

Another huge improvement? The battery door on the motor unit gets an oversized flathead screw door. This replaces the tiny allen bolt that was so small most mini-tools didn’t have the right allen wrench on board, which made traveling with the group a bit of a pain…although, you may still need it for the remote. We forgot to check that, so we’ll report back when the new group arrives. But, there are other updates:

2019 Archer Components D1x universal wireless shifting mod for mountain bikes

The remote gains a micro-adjust button on the top. Press and hold it for half a second, then use the shift buttons to fine tune the rear derailleur’s position, then press it again to take it out of adjustment mode. Or just wait seven seconds and it’s back to shift mode. It’s an option that puts the kit at $419. Without the micro-adjust button it’s $389.

2019 Archer Components D1x universal wireless shifting mod for mountain bikes

They get rubber covers over the round plastic buttons, and you’ll have the option of soft touch buttons (for folks who prefer a light click, or maybe have arthritis) or ones with a firmer click so people coming from the mechanical drivetrain will still have that hard tactile response.

We’ve been testing the original kit and will be writing that up based on current experiences, but we have the new version en route to swap out and compare.


  1. dockboy on

    It has a derailleur cable, there’s also an electronic wire, AND we have a wireless protocol? $400 buys a lot of shift cables.

    • Langhorne on

      What “electronic wire” are you talking about? It uses a very short bit of traditional cable and housing to connect to the derailleur and is otherwise entirely wireless. I’ve used the original version of the system for about a year and it is entirely reliable, stable and effective.

  2. OldDoc on

    This thing keeps rattling around in my head. I don’t want to like it, but keep thinking about how it can fill a few obscure gaps in my world.
    Good to see that they are upgrading it and trying to find ways to make it better.
    It is a large chunk of change. Too large for me to justify it, but maybe at some point it’ll come down enough to take a chance on it.

  3. AK_Ben on

    Wondering why I wouldn’t be able to pair this with a 2x system? Just replace the rear mech shifter, and leave the front alone.

    • Martin Voelker on

      I have that question about 2x as well. Since there’s no ‘intelligent’ gear choice present as in SRAM eTap or Di2 I think it should be fine. I’m meeting a mechanic tonight who might be able to answer that and will report back.

  4. john murphy on

    so I bought the archer d1x pot it in my bike it worked great for 3 weeks then turned to shit right when I was going on a cross country trip I had to have a shifter air mailed from my builder that handle bar shifter is a pain in the ass to get those tiny screws out and that battery is hard to find when your on the road


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