Ass Savers pops new reflective Fendor Bendor mudguard collaboration with Bicycle Crumbs


We’ve kind of casually been fans of the graphic design treatments of the cycling illustrator known as Bicycle Crumbs for quite a while. We’ve already showcased his work on a trick Franco gravel bike, a more subtle Lovebaum back at NAHBS, and even another fender project. But the latest thing to catch our eyes was a really bright version of Ass Savers’ take on the Fendor Bendor. Designed as a cheap, packable rear mudguard to add a bit more real-world ridability to a lot of urban fixies and singlespeeds, the Fendor Bendor folds flat to fit in a bag, but when unfolded and strapped to the seattube, it stays put, doesn’t require a seatstay bridge for support, and offers a respectable amount of rear coverage. Now the Bicycle Crumbs adds in a lot of visibility with a striking reflective design, and the same retail price. Check the details below the fold…


The fully reflective Fendor Bendor by Bicycle Crumbs will keep you dry and seen, and still mounts to the bike in seconds, just with a couple of folds and the tightening of its velcro strap. Folded it slips in a jersey pocket or out of the way inside any bag. No tools needed or really any expertise – they even get instructions printed on the opposite side.


This special reflective edition sells for the same $14/12€ as the original all black version, and still weighs just 50g. Ass savers says that it works on road, cyclocross, mountain hardtails, and fixies, although we would add from experience that it only works well on bikes with widely set seatstay and some road rear brakes can get in the way. Made in Sweden from recyclable plastic and available direct from Ass Savers.

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5 years ago

Why not use full fenders. This only does a half ass job at keeping you free from road crud.

Kernel Flickitov
Kernel Flickitov
5 years ago
Reply to  Nash

Why would you assume that every bike has eyelets for full fenders, or that everybody wants to use full fenders all the time? Why do you even care if you’re not going to buy them anyway?

5 years ago

@Nash…Please take a minute to comprehend what this article states, as well as what the product was designed to do… Portable/packable mudguard….not a full on fender solution.