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BAM! Super Sleek Bamboo Recumbent Tricycle Concept

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From Monash student Alexander Vittouris (via Yanko Design) comes this slick recumbent tricycle.  The exterior form and main structural frame is constructed of Bamboo, making it eco-friendly and balancing the high-tech look with warm, natural texture.

Dubbed a “Personal Mobility Vehicle,” the BAM puts the driver in a reclined position, and interior side pockets stash your personal items.  Vittouris had this to say:

The parts required for construction of the recumbent chassis have been reduced to encompass the outer framework of the vehicle. By using large molding sections of bamboo fiber, combined with Polylactide resin, the overall assembly complexities are reduced. The philosophy behind this innovative approach is to motivate the consumer in active production of the outcome and enhance the feeling of ownership via positive contribution. The challenge of successive concepts is to find additional ways of making the raw material of bamboo benefit the intention of naturally derived personal mobility.

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More photos on Yanko Design.

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14 years ago

Absolutely beautifull !

13 years ago

How tf do the pedals work? I really want to know. And don’t say “you push them w/your feet” no one wants to read that faff.

jane hillhouse
13 years ago

Quite amazing. I’ll trade my current version in for that any day. How many gears.

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