Bar Fly flip flops with new direct-mount computer mount for Bontrager Blendr stems [Remote Otter]

The new Bar Fly Race Flipper cycling computer mount is a direct bolt-on option for Bontrager’s Blendr stems that packs quite a few clever features. It’s main trick? Being able to mount in up or down positions, letting you tuck smaller computers lower in front of your stem. It also has a nearly universal fit for any brand head unit, and can mount accessories. Here’s how it all works…

The Race Flipper gets all of Bar Fly’s premium features, like a hollowed out, CNC’d construction. The computer mounting plate is a softer plastic so it won’t chew up the feet on your GPS computer, but uses small locking nubs to prevent jettison.

bar fly flipper gps cycling computer mount fits any gopro mount like the bontrager blendr stem faceplate

These plates bolt onto the aluminum arm, letting you swap them out to fit computers from Garmin, Hammerhead, Wahoo, Bryton, Cateye, Polar, Pioneer, Mio and Lezyne. They come with most of these in the box, Lezyne’s sold separately.

how to mount a gps cycling computer directly in front of my stem if I cant clamp to my handlebar

The design flips so you can mount smaller computers down low, like the Wahoo BOLT:

barfly flipper computer mount for wahoo and garmin cycling computers

…and larger computers up above, like many Garmin models:

direct mount computer mount for integrated handlebar-stem systems on road bikes

It’s marketed for use with the optional GoPro-style three-prong mount available for Bontrager’s Blendr stems, but you can attach it to any such mount. And then add another GoPro-style mount to the bottom (or top) of it, which provides extension and articulation options if you’re trying to position a camera or light somewhere out of the ordinary (maybe working around a handlebar roll bar, for example?).

The Bar Fly Race Flipper mount retails for $49.95. The GoPro/Light Base mount is $24.95 and has four bolt holes, allowing it to be positioned in any 90º rotation such that it works with any computer mount up top…or could even be mounted under another GoPro Base mount and have both facing the same direction.

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Adam N. Schmidt
Adam N. Schmidt
2 years ago

I love Blendr!