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To this point, Bar Fly has been focusing mostly on computer mounts for the road. To make the computer easier to see, Bar Flys (Flies?) put the computer out in front of the bar – not so good for mountain biking. In order to protect the computer and address issues like the stock mount moving around while using the buttons, short stems, number plates, etc. the Bar Fly MTB will put the Garmin behind the faceplate for safe keeping.

More details and another “spy shot” after the break.

MTB image3

Even though the mount is designed for MTB, it can obviously be used for CX, road, or anything that could use a little extra protection of the Garmin. The MTB will use the same engagement mechanism as their new 2.0 mount with a more tactile click on Garmin Edge 200/500/510/800/810 computers. Positioning of the computer should be better for riders using short, rise, and -17° stems a better viewing angle due to the adjustability.

Like the rest of their mounts, it is made from Delrin, is carbon bar safe, won’t damage your Garmin’s wings, and includes their Buy one and you’re done warranty. If it breaks for any reason, they’ll replace it for life. Pricing for the MTB will be set at $24.95 and they should be available on July 15th.


  1. Gravity on

    ‘Flys’ is correct, in this instance.

    I guess this is a good option if your stem is too short, but even my 90mm fits my 510 comfortably. Otherwise, why would you choose this over the stock Garmin mount?

  2. Fabricio on

    @Gravity I’m thinking the same, but my Haven stem is 75mm long and my EDGE 500 fit very nice with the stock Garmin mount

  3. deanopatoni on

    I need one of these as my edge500 wont fit on my 50mm stem. Plus needs to be compatible with a 35mm diameter handlebar..

  4. EXE on

    It isn’t good because I can’t flip the bike with this mount. I think best position for these big GPS is next to the stem.

  5. Adam12 on

    This will be great for those of us who run a strong negative degree stem. My stem is more than long enough but when I switch to the -15 degree stem, this will be essential to viewing my Gamin.

  6. Scott on

    Looks like a good option to keep the computer from moving around (as I experience on the stock Garmin mount) on my MTB. As Adam mentioned, a nice way to adjust the computer face relative to the rider.

  7. S on

    I use my first-generation (out in front) BarFly on my mountain bike; it actually works pretty well. Never had an issue with crashing, since typically you don’t go /straight/ forward (even if you endo).

  8. Champs on

    @Gravity: if you have a mountain bike, one Garmin, and X number of bikes, maybe you’ve only got X – 1 mounts to go around?


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