Bedrock Bags’ new Hermosa UL Panniers are super durable, ultra-light

Now headed into their sixth year in business, Durango based Bedrock Bags has become one of the most well respected names in bikepacking. Founded by Andrew Wracher, a backcountry vagabond and geologist by trade, he later joined forces with Velorution Cycles owner Joey Ernst to create the ultimate one-stop-shop for the bike touring enthusiast.

Fueled by rapid growth, Andrew, Joey, and their team of bag makers recently spun off once again to pursue Bedrock Bags as its own enterprise. The business model may have changed but they still strive to “make the best bikepacking gear on the market.”

Bedrock Bags releases new ultra-light panniers Bedrock Bags releases new ultra-light panniers

To further that end goal, the Bedrock catalog continues to expand. The latest addition is a  set of ultra-light panniers built around designs they have been testing and building as custom creations for several years. Knowing some bikepacking sorties require more storage capacity than provided by rackless bags, the new Hermosa UL panniers offer extra hauling volume without adding too much complexity or weight.

Bedrock Bags releases new ultra-light panniers Bedrock Bags releases new ultra-light panniers

Constructed of the same X-Pac fabric and ballistic nylon used in all of their bags, the Hermosa UL panniers are exceptionally durable, virtually weatherproof, but surprisingly lightweight. With 26 liters of combined capacity, the total system weighs just 22 ounces. The simplified attachment system keeps the ounce-count low, and eliminates the rattles and instability other hard-mounts suffer. The roll-top closure seals out the elements, negates the need for zippers, and lends the bags a small amount of overflow capacity.

With a weight-bearing limit of 15 pounds for each side, the Hermosa UL system is best suited to light commuting duty, touring on less technical terrain, or for those situations when a conventional bikepacking seat bag just won’t cut it.

Available in five colors and sold for $250 as a pair, each stitch is carefully sewn in Colorado to Andrew’s uncompromising standards.

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4 years ago

22 ounces = 624 grams
15 pounds = 6.8 kilos
virtually weatherproof = IPX5?