Quoc Pham had been teasing a carbon soled road shoe to complement their simple and classic looking shoe line up for more than a year now. With the Night they developed a solution that balanced a light and stiff sole at a reasonable price point that worked with their relatively small production scale, landing on a 3D printed carbon composite sole that ticked all the boxes. As they were developing the shoe they also undertook some rebranding to the now simpler and shorter, one-word Quoc name, and have started to move in the direction of offering more leather-free (vegan) options as well.

Take a more detailed look at the new Night, its available colors and materials, plus preorder pricing and availability…


The Night is Quoc’s first lightweight shoe, and their first go at the performance road market. As lace-up road shoes have seen a huge resurgence in last few years, Quoc has had a lot of customer demand for them to put out a road race shoe with their classic aesthetic. It was an idea that they liked from the beginning but felt they needed to develop some high performing tech, instead of just slapping a 3-bolt sole onto one of their existing shoes.

So that’s what they did. Quoc developed and patented a new lacing layout that lets you securely and independently adjust forefoot and ankle tension, plus of course the new sole, which is a ventilated carbon fiber reinforced nylon composite.


The Night is available in two versions: leather or synthetic. The leather shoe will be available exclusively in black and will retail for £200 (~$280/250€) and will weight in around 323g per shoe. The synthetic version will come in black, white, or a muted pink, each of which will sell for £180 (~$250/225€). They will also be a good bit lighter, at just 283g per shoe. All versions also include Quoc’s signature 3M reflective heel strip.

Quoc has just opened up a preorder deal on their website. If you buy now, the first 500 pairs will sell for a discounted rate of £180/£160 (leather/synthetic) with delivery scheduled for the first run in July 2016.



  1. spike on

    I’m interested in these. Not too keen on laces, but I have a really narrow low volume foot, and have a really difficult time finding shoes that fit properly. I might have to give the laces a try. They look nice.

  2. Bill on

    @spike, funny.. I like the lace ups for the opposite reason. The velcro straps are barely engaged on many brands’ shoes for me.

  3. Allan on

    I inquired, and for some reason you still have to pay VAT, even if ordering from USA. Not sure why, the explanation given was not clear, but then again I’m no expert in international trading…


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