New Bianchi T-Tronik Range: E-Bikes with Total Simplicity

Bianchi says its new T-Tronik ebike series (the e-urban C-Type and e-tourer T-Type) are as simplified as hyphenated, which is to say: highly. The brand says the new e-bikes’ versatility aims to change the daily routine for the better. To do it, they get widely adjustable handlebars (90°-140°) and a suspension fork on a deep step-through frame.

bianchi t-tronic

The C-Type (step-through)

Range and power should get you everywhere you need to go in the city. Shimano’s 250W E6100 brushless motor churns out 60Nm of torque, good enough for a pedestrian 12-20 mph. The integrated Phylion 417Wh battery delivers up to a 60-mile range.

bianchi t-tronic

Bianchi placed the charging port above the motor on the seat tube for more convenient access. And a quick-release system at the top of the down tube helps riders remove and replace the battery.

The C-Type and T-Type both come with stock 100-lumen front and rear lights. Visibility tops out at around 550 yards forward and 450 yards (passive) behind.

bianchi t-tronic

Stock chain guards and mudguards should go a long way to keep commuters clean and dry on sloppy days. And an included rear rack helps carry the load up to a claimed 110 lbs.

Bianchi T-Type

Bianchi T-Type

Bianchi T-Type T-Tronik e-bike

Bianchi T-Type Step-Through

The T-Type gets almost the same build-out as the C-Type, but it has two frame options. There is the standard frame with a top tube from the head tube to the top of the seat tube, but there is also a “step-through” model. The T-Type Step-Through model is very different from the C-Type Step-Through though, as there is still a top tube–it’s just a few inches lower than the regular model. The fork should give quite a bit of squish, too.

C-Type Geometry

Bianchi C-Type Geometry

Bianchi C-Type Geometry

There is only one frame option for the C-Type which has two sizes available. Both the M & L frames have a drastic step-through design.

T-Type Geometry

Bianchi T-Type Geometry

Bianchi T-Type Geometry

Bianchi T-Type Step Through Geometry

Bianchi T-Type Step-Through Geometry

The T-Type on the other hand has two frame options–standard, and a slight step through. Both are offered in two frame sizes each, M & L.


Bianchi e-bike

Bianchi announced the T-Tronik C-Type and T-Type on March 22, and pricing details aren’t available yet. They come in two variants with slightly different (men’s and women’s) geometries and a small array of muted colors. They join Bianchi’s T-Tronik Sport eMTB series, which clock in around $4,000 each.

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8 months ago

Wow, how not unique looking! They look an anyone open-mold with zero Bianchi cachet! Should have done much better!