Bicycle People making non-bicycle Art – An Art Show Curated by Stevil Kinevil, Presented by Swobo



Chances are, if you ask around your circle of riding friends there will be at least an artist or two. The cycling world seems to attract a lot of creative people whether they’re designers, painters, builders, sculptors, or any type of “maker” if you will. There have been plenty of art shows with cycling based themes such as Art Crank, but after a number of rejections of his own art from cycling related shows, world famous web logger and Swobo model Stevil Kinevil decided it was time to put on his curating cap and organize a show that featured the work of bike people. Though this time, the art would have nothing to do with bicycles. The bicycle is the common thread of the presented artists – Alexis Knudsen, Casey Robertson, Chris McNally, Paul Urich, and Stevil himself, but the art is their creative outlet away from two wheels.

Get a sneak peek at the art after the break.

Stevil Art

A Drawing Based On A Story Based On A Drunken Glance From A Distance – Stevil Kinevil


– Paul Urich

With Swobo providing the beer, the Fahrrad Verrückter Künst show should be a good time and will take place this Saturday the 8th, from 6-9pm in Nowheresville SF, 483 14th st.

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8 years ago

Dammit Scott, cut it out. It’s lies. All lies.

8 years ago

I heard that dude Stevil like to comment on comments he is mentioned in.

8 years ago

Dear Bike Rumor,

Please note when an inside joke is made.

Thank you.

8 years ago

I did not see Swobo model on Stevil’s Linkedin account. Someone needs to endorse him.