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Bigger is Better, The Zowa Optics Visor Goggles

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Zowa Visor Goggles

In order to improve the field of view for athletes, many snow and motorcycle optic manufacturers have gone towards larger and larger goggles. The Zowa Visor Goggle has taken this evolution to it’s next logical step by pushing the top lip of the goggle onto the visor, to create a completely unrestricted field of view.

Zowa Visor Goggles 2

The goggles sit under the eyes like traditional frames, but the top and sides rest on the helmet. This eliminates any pressure points that can occur with traditional goggle designs, and creates an incredibly unhampered view.

Zowa Visor Goggles 3

Once mounted, the Zowa goggles appear relatively normal. Retail price is $58 and replacement lenses will retail for $14.

Zowa Visor Goggles 4

I was impressed when I tried the Zowa goggles briefly. While I normally ride with Oakley Airbrake MX goggles, which are amongst the best on the market, the Zowa’s offered a more expansive view, were four eyed friendly, and very comfortable.

Head over to ZowaOptics.com to learn more.

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9 years ago

Most of the helmets have ventilation holes just above goggles. Covering them isn’t best idea.

9 years ago

I assume you would have mentioned it if you noticed a problem in this area, but do you think having the goggle frame 1/2 contacting the face and 1/2 on the helmet could be a problem in bumpy terrain? I ask as I have noticed that some less “moto” fit full face helmets that fit looser around the face, exhibit a fair bit of independent up/down movement from the face in bumpy terrain. With these goggles, it seems like that might wiggle your goggles around too.

Also, does the forward angled lens change the optics at all? In some instances I could see it being better than a traditional setup, but it’s tough to tell without trying them on.

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