Tammy Donahugh is a hero to many riders. She’s been a big part of the scene for so long its hard to compartmentalize her impact. While she began her career racing downhill alongside side greats like Missy Giove and Tara Llanes, she eventually branched off into “freeriding.” Since then she’s been inspiring riders through her awesome riding skills and training clinics.

Here’s a quick run down of her SuperCo Charger

Tammy’s steed is Wonder Woman themed. It’s all red, blue, and gold, with a few scattered stars.

She runs a high rise bar and only a rear brake.

The devil is in the details. Her ride has lots of cool little bits.

The custom blue Juicy Ultimate Caliper is mated to an XO lever. Note the blue hydraulic housing and floating disc rotor.

Her hand built American frame is complimented by American sourced 204 point of engagement Profile hubs.

The whole package rolls on Spank Tweet Tweet rims. These rims are a couple seasons old but are still rolling true. They only weigh 550 grams a piece.



  1. Nick on

    That Juicy Ultimate was a stock colour a few years ago too, when the Juicy Ultimate was still current. Matched the SIDs. 2008 I think…


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