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Bike Pure Message To Sponsors:

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PRESS RELEASE: Bike Pure’s call for sponsors and the cycle trade to support only teams and riders committed to drug free cycling – and those breaking such a bond of trust would have their sponsorship agreement terminated.

Endorse the Future of Cyclesport:

No sponsor wants his or her brand associated with scandal and in the past it has been all to common occurrence within cycle sport. In defending the integrity of professional cycling, BikePure also protects sponsor investment in the sport. Getting riders to be held responsible for their own behaviour and removing the product association with a rider who is cheating, is not only good for brand image, but has a knock on effect of decreasing the desire to dope: knowing all elements in the sport stand united against the cheats.

The finance that funds a team’s wages has the power to induce change and with all power comes responsibility. It is with this commercial influence that the cycle industry can make a collective impact. Demanding that their sponsored athletes race clean, taking pride in clean riders and thus promoting a healthier company image and better sales.

For riders it is an issue of dignity and self respect, for the fans, heroes they can trust. For the cycle trade and sponsors: the companies who fund our sport – it is business – but business must have a conscience.

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russ-wins(Russ Downing has pledged to Bike Pure. He’s shown here after winning the first stage of the Tour of Ireland this year.)

Cycling is a fantastic sport where the athlete must have the power and mental strength to train the body to perfection, coupled with the finest machinery in its beautiful efficiency. To promote cycling teams and riders, who commit to ride clean and being associated with this commitment of conscience is the future. Sponsors have a duty of care to promote a positive sport and fund an environment where young professionals will be nurtured and allowed to grow into fair champions.

Supporting drug free sport is endorsing cycling’s future for sustained prosperity. We ask sponsors to demand a drug free commitment from their athletes and immediately remove all support from cheating riders/teams and redirect it to young clean athletes- the future.

We are compiling a list of companies who wish to be associated with Bike Pure’s philosophy. Please email us and be part of the new era of cycling . To the fans, please support the companies committed to helping cycling begin a new era of accountability, breeding champions we can trust

BikePure has no hidden agenda and only works with positive measures. We have had over 500,000 visits, 6 current UCI world champions and now nearly 15,000 members from 81 countries. It costs NOTHING to join, with no time commitment. We are just cyclists working for cycling.

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